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Rollins Duke   
Published: Nov 21, 2023 • Email Settings • 4 Minutes Reading

To access the Mail using another Third-Party Application/Email Client, obtain all Virgilio Mail Settings. It is vital to have accurate knowledge about IMAP, SMTP, and POP Server. If you do not wish to view your emails using a web browser, you may connect your Email Account to any email client. Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, or mobile devices like the iPhone and Android are examples of email clients. We’re also talking about Virgilio’s email backup procedure. As a result, users may effortlessly transfer their emails to a different email or file format.

We propose to study the following topic in this blog.

  • Important Virgilio Webmail Email Settings.
  • Email Account Two Factor Authentication.
  • How can I generate an APP Password for Virgilio mail?
  • Backup Virgilio Emails to another email/file format is a suggested approach.

Virgilio was Italy’s first web portal, including search engines, chat, web communities, and webmail services. It serves millions of Italian customers and is one of the biggest email providers online. Users of the webmail service Virgilio Mail get access to all the essential functions. However, it does not offer a choice for PC Virgilio email backup.

For Your Email Account, Important Email Settings

The information on Virgilio Mail Settings is provided below. You may use the same information to set up a Email Account. E-mail Settings Port Number
Incoming mail server for IMAP: (Copy)
143 (require SSL) (Copy)
993 (non-secure) (Copy)
Incoming mail server for POP3: (Copy)
110 (require SSL) (Copy)
995 (non-secure) (Copy)
Outgoing mail server for SMTP: (Copy)
25/587 (require SSL) (Copy)
465 (non-secure) (Copy)

2 Factor Authentication and App Password in Virgilio Mail Account

2FA provides a higher level of protection for your Emails accounts and the data held within it by reducing the risk of an intruder or attacker gaining access to it. You will also have a login history that will include details such as IP, date and time, and if the login attempt was successful or not.

How do I enable 2FA for my account?

  • Login into the Virgilio Email Account from
  • The 2FA can be enabled in the webmail from Settings.
  • Go to 2 Factor Authentication.
  • Enable two-factor authentication.
  • Then scan the displayed QR code.
  • A 6-digit confirmation code is displayed after adding the token, which has to be inserted to the respective text box in the webmail window.
  • 2FA is activated only if the confirmation code is correct.
  • Finally Enabled Two Factor Authentication.
  • Create One Time App Password.

NOTE: You can use the same app password as your Account Password to Login into the software program.

How can the emails from Virgilio Mail be easily converted or migrated? Mail settings


Here is a straightforward method for backing up Virgilio emails. Use this suggested remedy. To backup Virgilio emails to chosen email/file formats, use the Virgilio Email Backup Software. The app supports 25+ saving options, including Gmail, Microsoft 365, ES, PST, MBOX, EML, PDF, and CSV. As a result, it is highly beneficial for local backup. No other email program is essential for the software to conduct a backup. It is an independent tool. It also preserves folder structure during transfer. After backup, you will receive your data just as it was.

Batch migration is also an option. You can also run a selective backup. The software is incredibly time-consuming. Use this software if you need an email backup solution for personal use or a migration project. Additionally, it supports several languages. Please click below Download Now button to start the app installation.

download button

Learn how to take backup by watching this comprehensive video tutorial.

  • On Windows, run the Virgilio Email Backup Wizard.
  • Enter your Virgilio email account details, with Mails Settings.
  • Select the email folders that you wish to save.
  • Choose a file saving option from the list and choose the destination location.
  • To begin the backup of Virgilio emails, press the Backup button.


Conclusion: Mails Settings are available through this blog. Additionally, a dependable way to backup Virgilio emails in the preferred email or file format. Therefore, you ought to try it out once. Email us at [email protected] if you have any more queries. You may also contact us via live chat.  Contact us