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Pegasus Viewer Portable & 100% Free Download

Read Pegasus Mail CNM, PMM and PMI files

(Effective solution to open Pegasus email messages with all details as attachments, email attributes and other information)

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Free Pegasus Viewer to View and Open Pegasus Emails

Free Pegasus Mail Reader will assist user to read and view Pegasus Mail Mailbox files without any error. Pegasus mail is preferred by users because of its excellent attributes and rich security features. Pegasus mailbox files make use of various file extensions to save its emails. Emails in the system made folders are saved in .pmm file extension and its index as .pmi. New mails that reached the “New Mail” folder of Pegasus is saved with CNM file extension, and the free Pegasus viewer is capable to load, open & view emails saved in Pegasus .pmi, .pmm or .cnm format.

Feature Hub Provided by Free Pegasus Mail Viewer

  • Manually Select the Pegasus Mailbox Location
  • Batch View Pegasus Email Files
  • View Pegasus PMM, PMI & CNM Files without Error Message
  • Open Mails Created under any Version of Pegasus Mail Client
  • Support all Windows OS, Open Pegasus Mails without Error
  • Guaranteed Speed & Accuracy in Preview of Pegasus Emails
  • Features to Scope out evidence from Pegasus Mail Client
  • Upgrade to pro-edition to save Pegasus Mails
  • Auto load Pegasus emails from default location to view
  • Advance search option to find particular email or component

run the tool

select pegasus email folder

read email information

Generic FAQs

Yes. Tool to view Pegasus mailbox mails are updated to open and view Pegasus emails created under any version of Pegasus Mail client.

Download Free Pegasus Viewer Software that comes with the feature to open and view Pegasus .pmm file as well as files with .cnm and .pmi extensions.

Yes, you can take your Pegasus emails along with you and with the help of Free Pegasus PMM Viewer software you can load and open those emails to view its content whenever needed. Being away from native application is not an issue with the specialized tool to view Pegasus emails.

Situations Where Pegasus Email Viewer Can Be the Only Help For Users!

Pegasus mail client is used to store and share entire email communication and suddenly user realize that Pegasus Mail client crashed and you are no longer able to view, open or read Pegasus emails. Here, rather than going for complex process of recreating email environment, download free Pegasus pmail viewer and get the job done.

Windows users’ reports about the issues they face while trying to perform Pegasus mail download. Here also the free Pegasus email viewer will come to their rescue. To avoid the practical risk of getting affected by any such technical vulnerabilities, user can download free Pegasus Viewer and open, view or read Pegasus emails at their ease. Tool comes with the advance feature to open Pegasus email files saved in the extension as PMI, PMM or CNM.

One of the best part of Pegasus mail client is that it does not make any update/change or alteration to the Windows registry, thus it acts as portable application for the USB drives. In such cases when Pegasus mailbox files are carried away from its native application and while trying to access it under new Windows platform, error will be reported. The situation where user will be unable to get access of Pegasus email can be resolved with the free viewer for Pegasus mail.

Compatibility issues with new versions of Windows OS. Microsoft always make major updates to its every OS versions released. Users may find it tough to access or install Pegasus mail client while they switch to new OS available immediately. In such situations, to access the Pegasus PMM file or to view content from Pegasus CNM file, thereby avoiding business downtime, the free viewer developed by BitRecover – Pegasus Mail Viewer is the right help.

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