Zimbra Outgoing Mail Problem – Resolved

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 2 Min Read


Whenever users met with unwanted errors in Zimbra, it will hamper the entire communication channel through which users contacting each other using mails. There are many types of error that users face when they are working with Outlook due to they are unable to send emails. It creates an issue in the working flow of their work as one is not able to send any mail on Zimbra.

Smart Solution

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If you need to permit all additional hosts or even networks to send mail via MTA. Then, you add it to the relay list.

Note: Be alert as any misconfiguration of this will permit malicious outsiders to easily send spam emails via your machine.

Getting Existing Value

  • Firstly, run the following commands on your MTA Server:

su – zimbra

prov gs ‘hostname’ | grep zimbraMtaMyNetwork

  • If nothing is returned then, you are simply using default postfix. So, firstly fetch it with:

su- zimbra

postconf – d mynetworks

Setting the New Value

To add the hosts, you just need to add the existing value just to fetch by using:

su – zimbra

zmprove ms ‘hostname’ zimbraMtaMyNetwork “ a.b.c.0/24 w.x.y.z/32”

The above quotes are very crucial:

While specifying the address range, it is significant to always use the starting address range. Therefore, is effective as address block begins at However, is not because it is not start of block range ~

Now, just restart all the services when it is done.

Final Words

Removal of error (Zimbra Outgoing Mail Problem) is quiet important in a way to avoid breakage in the working flow. Similar is the case with Zimbra Mailbox as an occurrence of an error restricts to send the emails in Zimbra (Zimbra mail sending problems). Therefore, we have come up with a solution to remove an error and maintain the flow.