How to Do Word, Media and Archive File Recovery?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are Word user, then you are quite familiar with the problem where you are not able to open Word document. The situation gets more complicated when the documents contain much of your crucial information. If you caught in such situation then how will you manage with it?

We cannot stress enough on the importance of having a data backup on an external storage location such as external hard disks, network location as that’s the only way to protect your essential data which could be lost due to hardware failure on your PC. That being said, by default Windows will automatically generate copies of your data on your internal drive or operating system to help ease other data loss situation. These copies of files are created accordingly and may be short-lived, so you should never depend solely on them as a replacement for a backup. Still, they could be immensely useful if you are unable to retrieve a backup for any reason such as when you are on the go.

MS Office suite is an extremely useful application provided by Microsoft. The great application includes a combo of several other applications like MS Word, MS Excel, MS PPT, MS Outlook, MS Picture Manager, MS Publisher, and many more.  Out of the long list of applications, some are mostly used in MS Office like MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PPT.

Let us discuss some common scenarios in which your valuable documents, media or archive file gets corrupt:

Improper system shutdown

It is always suggested to shut down your system properly by closing all the applications. However, due to a sudden power cut or any other reasonable number of times, your computer turns off unexpectedly and there can be chances of MS Word document corruption as the system close all the opened files improperly during the shutdown.

Virus attack

Computer viruses are very malicious programs which are designed in a way that they corrupt or damage file system completely of your computer which will result in inaccessible of file. If your computer is contaminated with any such virus, then chances of corruption of MS Word are high.

Generation of bad sectors on data storage device

Data storage devices like your pen drive, internal/external hard drive, the local storage device can generate bad sectors over time. If Word document is saved on a bad sector of storage media then it may corrupt.

Issues with MS Word application

Problems with your MS Word application such as inappropriate closing of an open MS Word document or improper closing of an opened file can corrupt MS Word.

To avoid such situations, it is advised to perform proper shutdown, do regular monitoring of hard drive status and make use of updated anti-virus software. However, most of the times, the corruption of MS Word generates an error message and all your data hold by MS Word becomes unreadable. There are various methods to repair corrupt Word file.

Many users start searching for document recovery program which costs around $200. This becomes very much expensive for users in case of document recovery of Word 2016.

Similarly, another important recovery that users perform is media recovery which is required due to following reasons:

  • Human error
  • Storage media formatting
  • Permanently deleted files using Shift-Delt
  • Improper handling with removable storage media
  • MFT, MBR & FAT hard drive corruption
  • Bad sector

Many users make use of media recovery program which is very costly. Moreover, such type of media recovery tools unable to recover complete data, some essential get lost. Such type of media recovery software is expensive and complicated to use. And above that, these type of tools are not easily be used by non-professionals for digital media recovery.

Another recovery that users look for is archive file recovery. User use archive file recovery software which is available so many in the market. Such type of software is not reliable and just a waste of time. Because archive file recovery software is not capable enough to recover archive file with full accuracy.

The number of users uses individual recovery solution to recover different files. But as India is developing and so the technology. No user can perform universal recovery using a single recovery tool. With a universal data recovery tool, also known as an all-in-one tool which can recover any type of data accurately without missing single information. With the help of universal recovery tool user quickly recover a file which gets permanently deleted using Shift-Delete command.

To perform universal data recovery, utilize Data Recovery Software. It is a precise all-in-one tool which supports data recovery from hard disks, external portable drives, pen drives, SD, MMC cards, etc. The tool is capable to perform document recovery, media recovery, and archive file recovery.

Data Recovery Software supports different recovery options which allow to recover data according to situations such as Deleted Data Recovery, Formatted Data Recovery, Partition Data Recovery, Raw Data Recovery, and Create Disk Image. User can utilize these data recovery options as per requirement. Data Recovery Software supports all common data storage media including internal and external drives.

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