How to Unformat Hard Drives ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

The Game of Format & Unformat

Formatting of the hard disk drive is basically a process where the system prepares the hard drive or any other sort of the computer storage medium for the purpose of using it, which also includes the setting up of a vacant file system. The process of unformat actually implies to the process of recovering the data and every other thing from any freshly formatted drive. Still, there are ways by which you can unformat a high-level format, whereas you cannot unformat a low-level format.

The Terror of Error – The Torment of Unintentional Format

To err is human” and formatting your hard drive just by chance without any intention can be tormenting for your crucial and critical data lying on the hard drive. There is no way to “travel in the time machine” and undo our action, but there certainly are ways by which you can unformat hard disk and get the lost data back without any hassles. To efficiently and flawlessly unformat a formatted disk, you might require the help of a third-party professional unformat disk software tool that will make the job easy on your part.

The Plea of a User – Please Help to Unformat

Sophia Joseph, who works in a training institute, was working on the course’s daily reports to help the students attribute a better and greater understanding of the course a week back. She had spent almost three long hours that day to finish it all and she was working on this module for almost 3 weeks in a row and the course module was more or less complete now.

While she was working and when she tries to access the respective drive, the system prompted her to format the drive and in the blink of an eye, without understanding what has happened, she accidentally clicked the “YES” button that appeared from her system as a warning for formatting the hard disk drive.

format drive

She became completely clueless and totally hopeless after realizing that her work report that was lying in the same hard disk drive partition had been formatted and her effort has gone for a toss.

Now she wants to know that does there exist any simple method of recovery to unformat NTFS disk recovery and in the due course of action get back deleted files from formatted hard disk drive ?

The Trouble Bubble!

Just try to visualize a situation where you have mistakenly formatted your hard disk drive and after that you realize that in the process some important data has got lost. Many computer users actually are unaware as to what to be done when they encounter such a situation and panic after realizing that they have lost some crucial data in that formatted hard disk drive; while there are many computer professionals who actually know the process of unformat the hard disk to get the lost data back. But the laymen and ordinary computer users remain in the trouble bubble and are completely clueless about how to deal with this kind of problematic situation. Some reliable unformat disk freeware tool is capable of solving this problem efficiently, completely and very easily and can even unformat removable drive. Many unformat shareware tools are easily available online; you just have to make the right selection and get going with the recovery.


Why It Is So Easy to Unformat Hard Drive ?

When your hard disk formats, your Windows OS will reset the file systems, FAT or MFT, on the drive. You cannot see the files under Windows because MFT tells the OS that the drive letter no longer contains any of the files; but, the files still lie there, and that is the reason why you can easily unformat the hard drive and easily recover data from a formatted hard disk. The word “Unformat” refers to the transferring of the files from a formatted hard disk/partition to a different one which is done to carry out the recovery process on a formatted hard disk.