“The VHD File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreachable” Error – Resolved

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


The actual issue comes up when the users refrained to use or mount any VHD files on virtual machine. Due to this, one is restricted to open attachments of Hyper-V. Hence, the saved data files become inaccessible. Even, they got an error message as mentioned below: 

“Failed to open attachment ‘c:\directory\MyFile.vhad’. Error: The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.” 

The VHD File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreachable

Reasons behind the VHD File Error

There are numerous of reasons for VHD corruption. However, mainly the users face an error while Hyper-V VHD files get corrupted. Some reasons are mentioned below:

  • VHD files get corrupted because of failing the physical storage.
  • VHD Data corruption also arises by installing an antivirus on the Hyper-V host server.
  • Transferring files over the faulty or failing networks can cause VHD file corruption.
  • Failure by disconnecting the storage device when virtual drive was created or even moved over other network.
  • When a user tried switching a disk type from the one end to another or increasing disk may also leads to data corruption.

Solution for VHD File Recovery

There are two ways to retrieve the corrupted VHD file and remove an error message as mentioned below:

Solution 1: Manual Process

Follow the given steps to recover data from .vhd file as mentioned below:

  • Users has to mount .vhd file to parent partition. Then, CHKDSK for repairing it.
  • Now, check for the integrity by utilizing Hyper-V.
  • Add VHD file to IDE controller after that press an inspect button.
  • After that merge any .vhd and .avhd files.
  • Users have to simply check that it can be opened by MS Windows 7, server 2008
  • Finally, users can download MS VHD tool, which includes repair option that is program to undo expanding mode on the base VHD file when the different .vhd is vacant.


The above-method has some limitations that are mentioned below:

  • Lengthy process to repair VHD files.
  • Proper technical knowledge is required.
  • Time consuming procedure.

Solution 2: Trouble-Free Solution

To overcome the limitations faced by the above-method, there is a software namely VHD Recovery Wizard by BitRecover. The software is a complete solution to mount or even explore the corrupted and damaged virtual drives stored as VHD or VHDX files. The utility executes the read-only VHD data recovery. The tool can be utilised for recovery of .vhd files from the database inaccessibility scenario as the utility has been designed with the best range of features, which offers recovery process in one of the best possible way to the users who require it. The tool is a standalone application to execute the data recovery process of VHD files.


When In A Doubt:

When you are having any kind second thoughts about the software you are recommended to take the trial tour of the application functionalities to guarantee yourself of the tool features and consistency as the demo edition comes as the free of cost and can be downloaded off website. Meanwhile, the demo run edition allows users to open and upload all affected VHD file and get preview of recovered items without any limitations. But the only limitation is that users cannot store the repaired data item with free demo version.

Moving Out to Purchase of Tool for Solving VHD Error

If you move out for complete data recovery plan for your affected .vhd files i.e. you purchase the software. Then, you will get mentioned benefits of program without any circumstances applied.

  • The tool has been built universal understand ability because, not only technical sound person but even novice person can work the program with sheer-ease and understand ability of every step of data recovery undertaken by software.
  • When operating the suggested software, you will skill vastly high-level of speed in the Windows VHD file so that you can shawl the process sooner than it takes normally.
  • The application doesn’t have much circumstances applied, in fact it works even without installation of virtual environment from which .vhd file has been made; it just need the presence of VHD file.
  • Tool is programmed in such a way that it easily retrieves the deleted data files and folders from the VHD, AVHD, and VHDX files.
  • Software makes easy in a way by restoring data from deleted, missing or even lost virtual disk partitions.
  • Application is programmed in such a way that it supports all the formats of VHD or VHDX files that are created with MS Virtual PC, Virtualbox, Hyper-V, Diskpart.
  • Recovers unlimited data from .vhd or .vhdx files easily.
  • Tool is easily operable on all Windows OS without any issue.

Summing Up

When you are stuck with corruption or permanent deletion of your VHD file. Then, selection of appropriate solution is more important. In the above-discussion, I have discussed two ways to remove an error message “The VHD File or Directory is Corrupted and Unreachable.” I will recommend to use the second solution in a way to directly remove an error message.

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