Save Outlook Emails to Dropbox With/ Without Outlook

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

In the digital sphere, professionals and businesses seamlessly search for efficient methods to save Outlook emails to Dropbox. There are several reasons behind moving mailboxes from email clients to separate storage platforms for ease. Talking about Dropbox, one of the feature-rich cloud-based file-sharing and storage solutions. In addition, it is considered the best go-to choice to keep tracking the email data including hassle-free sync, authorized control, real-time sharing data, and sufficient storage solution. 

Since you might have a lucid understanding of Dropbox functionality, let’s dive in to uncover the common reasons to save Outlook emails to Dropbox. So, thoroughly read the below-mentioned points and manage your emails effortlessly. 

Reasons to Backup Outlook Emails to Dropbox 

As emails are electronic communication messages that hold crucial data related to any subject. Since it is a wide range of data, therefore, managing emails is yet another tussle for businesses and professionals. Many of you know that Outlook storage varies from one version to another.  Also, once its threshold is the limit, it becomes challenging to send and receive the emails as it leads to .pst file corruption and unresponsiveness. 

Hence, uploading emails to other platforms enables users to efficiently perform day-to-day tasks regardless of bearing the pain of managing numerous emails at once. Now, know the benefits of save Outlook emails to Dropbox:

  • Backup of Redundant Emails:- Often some emails seem worthless at first, however, become important for a certain period. Storing them can occupy space or even be tiresome for the users. For prevention, users can save the data in Dropbox for backup; one of the convenient ways to access files, emails, and attachments at any time or anywhere. 
  • Accidental Deletion:- There are several cases when unintentional deletion of emails can bring unpleasant outcomes. However, backup Outlook emails to Dropbox can help users to carefree share, access, and delete redundant data with ease. This leverages professionals to efficiently use the storage of Microsoft Outlook despite thoughtful PST file oversizing. 
  • Quick Search:- Dropbox provides intuitive features including hassle-free management of data in different tags and folders for enabling easy and quick data filtration or search. Hence, it is among the utmost choice for professionals to save an ample amount of emails without an Outlook environment. 
  • Hassle-free Collaboration:- Collaboration and sharing with Outlook email clients is quite limited as users need to share the data in default file format i.e. PST. On the other hand, Dropbox allows users to easily share and collaborate with other platforms. Therefore, users can save Outlook emails to Dropbox for better connectivity and grow their network.
  • Robust Security:- In Dropbox, users can find strong security and compliance functionality that provides accessibility of the data to limited resources. Further, it helps professionals to seamlessly share crucial email data regardless of any risk of loss and unauthorized control of data. 

Overall, these are the most common factors to archive Outlook emails to Dropbox for safe, convenient, and hassle-free storing or management of the data. Further, it will enhance efficiency while handling thousands of email data with attachments. Now, we will head to unfold the quick methods to export the emails of Outlook. 

How to Upload Outlook Emails to Dropbox Without Outlook? Use the Expert Method

In this section, we will unfold the one-stop solution for those users who want to backup Outlook emails to Dropbox. For the same, use BitRecover PST Converter Software; one of the foremost practices and professionals suggested solutions to convert the .pst file format into 30+ most effective and popular file formats. It enables professionals to quickly move the data from one file to other file formats. 

In addition, the user-centric functionalities of this feature-rich tool include exporting emails, calendars, journals, attachments, and contacts in bulk. As we have mentioned earlier, PST gets corrupted due to many factors, one of those being a large-sized file. Interestingly, this software strengthens users to save the mailbox data of inactive and corrupted .pst files. Since PDF is among the most convenient practices for uploading email data easily, therefore, users convert the PST file into PDF using this aforementioned tool. 

(Note:- Users can’t read the information in .pst file format, however, converting the PST file format to PDF can help users to read and access the data at once.) 

Now, let’s move to learn the steps for save Outlook emails to Dropbox:

  1. Launch the above-mentioned tool in your system.
  2. Select the file using the Select Files option and press Next.
  3.  In the next interface, first deselect all the checkboxes and then, choose inbox and other necessary boxes that you need to upload on Dropbox > Next. 
  4. Choose PDF file format from the Select Saving Option section. In the same dialog box, select the browse the location of the resultant file while selecting the option Destination Path > then Next.
  5. Further, you can check out the Filter tab beside Saving Options and then, move the cursor on Convert. 
  6. Lastly, users can examine the resultant data in the chosen destination once the data gets converted. With this users can archive Outlook emails to Dropbox without an Outlook environment. 

(Pro Tip:- Overall, users easily batch convert the emails in PDF file format and then upload it.  Hence, it is the best go-to practice to take backup Outlook emails to Dropbox for a wide range of data accessibility from anywhere or anytime.)

Manual Method to Upload/ Save Outlook Emails to Dropbox 

In the aforementioned section, we have discussed the expert solution and practices to export the mailbox to Dropbox. Here, we will find out the in-house method to upload and share Outlook emails to the cloud-based Dropbox community. 

Before heading to learn the steps, let’s first list some of the common drawbacks of using the free solution. Compared to an expert method, manual ones hold challenges such as possibilities of error, time-consuming, and most importantly, accidental deletion of data while uploading in Dropbox

Also, it can’t allow users to export attachments and other crucial data at once. Hence, users separately need to backup Outlook emails to Dropbox. So, these are some of the most prominent limitations of the manual method. 

Now, let’s delve into to know the steps:-

  1. To begin the process, open your active Outlook account and select the File tab from the upper ribbon/ taskbar.
  2. Now, go to the Open & Export option and then, select Import/Export > Next.
  3. Choose the Export to a File option from the dialog box of Import and Export Wizard and move the cursor to Next.
  4. In the next interface, click on Outlook Data File (.pst) and select Next. 
  5. To save Outlook emails to Dropbox, choose the required checkboxes such as Inbox, Drafts, contacts, etc. > Next.
  6. Now, browse the location using the option Save exported file as option and click on Finish.

(Note:- With this, users can upload these files to Dropbox. However, due to certain limitations of the free solution, using the direct solution is the ultimate approach.) 

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have discussed the optimal approaches to save Outlook emails to Dropbox. There are several factors such as storage, easy collaboration, and security that bring the need to export emails from Outlook. For the same, we have discovered two approaches; expert and free solutions. Since manual ones retain complexities and challenges, therefore, using the aforementioned tool. It leverages professionals and businesses to bulk save the data with/without Outlook environment.