How to Recover files from Old Partition Directly ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Recover files from old partition

Summary: This user guide explains the direct method to recover files from old partition. Stay on the blog and learn how to recover files or folders from a deleted partition.

Do you get an “Access Denied ” message when you try to locate a partition? If so, there is a possibility that partition gets deleted, damaged, lost and much more. Now the question is “How to recover permanently deleted files from a partition?” Well, no need to worry. Bitercover Data Recovery Wizard is an excellent solution to recover files from old partitions, damaged partitions and more. It is a user-friendly program that all users can access on the Windows machine.

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How can you Recover files from Old Partition? Complete Procedure

1 – Install and run Partition Recovery Tool on Windows.

2 – Go to Activate Later button and select Partition Data Recovery Mode.

Partition Data Recovery Mode

3 – Now, select the partition from which you need to recover data.

select the partition

4 – Now, this application is analyzing the selected old partition.

analyzing the selected old partition

5 – Users can check the partition file system, partition size, start and end sector.

partition file system

6 – Select deleted partition files and folders from the software panel and click on the Save button to restore them.

Select deleted partition files

That’s it. This way you can simply recover data from Hard Disk after deleting the partition. No need of any supportive application.

Read this Note: If you want to Search any specific information from the partition or want to Save resultant data in a popular file format, please activate the license edition of the solution.

About Solution to Recover a Deleted Partition

The populous partition recovery tool is designed for the Windows platform. A user can trust it to recover 99.9% of your lost data which is still intact and not overwritten. It’s a professionals designed platform to sort the common need of recovering files from old partition. It’s always advised to install and run recovery operations from another computer and attach your drive to the same computer to perform successful data recovery operations. The interface of the application is simple and intuitive. A user can recover partitions that are lost due to Formatting, Re-sizing, Re-partition and more.

Make your Partition Recovery Easier Than Ever

The software comes with advanced features. It makes the advanced deleted recovery method a quick one. See the highlighted features of the utility.

Key Advantages

  • Recover All Files or Folders: The application is capable enough to recover files/ folders from old partition with complete information.
  • Supports NTFS & FAT Partitions: A user can recover data from NTFS and FAT File System in some moments without technical assistance.
  • Retrieve files from RAW Partition: The application recovers data even if your drive is not showing any partitions and displays an error message as “the disk structure is corrupted and unreadable.”
  • Recover Erased Partition: The program allows the user to retrieve Partition deletion, re-partitioning, missing partition, incorrect operations & many such activities delete the partition from the machine.
  • Recover Permanent Deleted files: The utility helps you to restore permanently deleted files from the Hard Disk. You’ll get resultant data with complete accuracy.
  • Retrieve Data from Devices: The tool directly recovers data from the old partition on Hard Disk, USB and any more.
  • Preview Recovered Data files: Retrieve Partition data solution provides a preview of the recovered data. So, the user can save the data according to their needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Que 1 – Can I Recover data from Hard Disk if partition gets deleted ?

Ans – Yes, the Partition Recovery utility is capable to recover permanent deleted files or folders from Hard Disk.

Que 2 – Is it possible to recover data from old partition that is corrupted ?

Ans. Yes, the solution is capable to recover data from a corrupted partition.

Que 3 – Can I recover all my folders from an old partition ? 

Ans – Yes, you can easily retrieve folders from old partition.

Que 4 – Does the utility maintain the folder structure when recovering files from lost partition ?

Ans. Yes, the tool preserves the folder structure during the process.

The Closure

In the above blog, we explained the detailed method to recover files/ folders from an old partition. Using an automatic solution, it becomes an effortless process. Also, you can save your time. The mentioned solution is a consistent utility that recovers files from deleted partition without any loss. You can accomplish the process without any external help. You can test the demo version before purchasing the license edition.

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