How to Recover Deleted Files after Restarting Windows 10 Forced Update Now

Mark Regan | August 8th, 2018 | Recover Your Data


Many times while working over Windows 10, users get forced update. Due to this, forced Windows 10 update, most of users find out that their important data or files got deleted. The biggest issue comes up when the one is not having any data backup and they search for the solution to recover lost/deleted files after restarting Windows 10.

Expert Solution

BitRecover Windows Data Recovery Wizard is a complete solution to recover all lost, deleted (shift+del) data. No other external application is required to recover data. All type of data are recovered by the software without any file size limitation. Tool retains the data integrity after recovering the data.


There are some solutions to restore all Windows 10 data after restarting the Windows machine as mentioned below:

Solution 1: Find Windows 10 Deleted Data from Windows.old folder

This method will only work when you are unable to get desktop files just after restarting Windows 10 machine after update. If it all it deletes or even hides all your documents then, you can follow the path to restore all your deleted or lost documents:

  • Open your Windows system.
  • Then, go to C:\Windows.old\Users\Documents
  • Now, check whether the files are present in the folder or not.


Tip: Create a regular backup of your data in a way to avoid any data loss situation.

Solution 2: Restore Lost/Deleted Files from Microsoft Account

Method 1:  Sign-in with Temporary Profile

To proceed further, first we need to check that you are signed in with temporary profile or not for this follow the mentioned steps:

  • Go to the Settings > click on Accounts > Sync your settings.
  • If you are signed in with your temporary profile then, a message will comes up at top as shown in the image below.


After this, Windows will attach an extra account. After this, just restart your machine and login again to get back your accounts settings and even your data back.

Method 2: Use Search Box

Choose the search box to search your lost data files by suing the mentioned steps:

  • In the search box, simply enter Indexing >> choose Indexing Options.

  • Choose Advance > click on Troubleshooting search and indexing link. Then, follow the on-going steps in a way to get back all the lost data.

Even you can also try the given steps to get the lost data files:

  • Enter show hidden files/folders in search box >> under the hidden files/folders simply choose “Show hidden files/folders and drives.”

Once it is done then, you can search your lost data files by entering your file format.

Method 3: Re-enable Administrator Account

  • In the search box search computer management >> choose Computer Management application.
  • Choose Local Users and Groups >> open Users folder. If user named as Administrator has down arrow, it’s been disabled. Just enable it.

  • Click on the Administrator icon >> open properties option. Then, simply uncheck Account is disabled >> choose Apply option.

  • Then, just log-out and again log-in to Windows 10 as an Administrator account.

Once it is done then, may be you will be able to see all your lost data that was removed after Microsoft Windows 10 update.

Summing Up

Data lost is the worst situation especially when you do not have any data backup. Similar is the issue faced by most of the users due to Windows 10 forced update. After update, data lost situations are faced by users. Therefore, we have come up with a complete solution in a way to recover lost/deleted data after restarting Windows 10.