How to Recover Deleted Emails in Zimbra Webmail?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Accidentally deleted important emails from Zimbra Cloud? Don’t worry. In this article, we will tell you how you can recover deleted emails in Zimbra(cloud) hassle-free. We will discuss two procedures to complete this process manual and advanced. Start exploring and select the right one that suits your need.


Zimbra(cloud) is a cloud-based email client which has gained popularity with millions of users globally. But just like other email clients Zimbra does not provide any option to restore permanently deleted emails.

It has an in-built feature to retain the trash data back in the inbox within a limited time period. Suppose you are deleting emails from your Zimbra inbox and unknowingly select the important one and delete it can probably happen, in the end, we are human beings.

So fear not, we are going the under the Zimbra trash time period, and an effective way to recover deleted emails in Zimbra webmail.

Understanding The Zimbra Trash Folder Limited Time

If you are a Zimbra user then pay attention, because your deleted email is about to disappear. Yes! Zimbra will not save your trash moved mail for a long time, hence it has a specific time period of 30 days. It might be a headache if you forgot to retrieve deleted emails from Zimbra webmail that you had to and now the time has already ended. If you have backup then you are pretty smart!

Now let’s understand to restore and recover deleted emails in Zimbra (cloud) within 30 days from the trash box. If you have a few emails to restore then go for the manual method. In case of multiple deleted emails, simply jump to the automated method, mentioned below the article.

Way#1 Recover Deleted Emails In Zimbra (Cloud) Manually

Follow this method only if your deleted items are stuck in the Zimbra cloud for a few days:

  1. As you know, to land on any email client’s screen we need to login it first. So open Zimbra Cloud, enter your email and password, and hit on the sign-in button. (In case you find any problem in logging in to your account, check you have a proper internet connection and re-check you have entered the correct email and password)
  2. Now this is the time to find the Trash option. You can easily find it by going to below the Inbox option. Once you see it, give it a click and it will open to retrieve deleted emails from Zimbra webmail.
  3. Feeling better after seeing deleted messages? The whole list of deleted items will be visible here. (Remember, the emails might not be visible if you are checking them after 30 days)
  4. Now select all the emails that you have to restore one by one. (As declared on top, please jump to the automated method if you have multiple deleted emails to restore. Because in the manual method, you need to select each email wisely which can be time-consuming)
  5. After getting done with the selections, click on the move button and choose where you want to restore items, in your inbox or archive

Note: By following the above manual steps, you can restore a few deleted emails. Multiple deleted emails cannot be restored through this method as no one choose to spend hours selecting each and every email, tapping on them one by one. Accidentally selecting spam messages can also get restored.

Way #2 Automated Solution To Retrieve Deleted Emails from Zimbra

Erased data can be the result of a huge loss in business or even for a normal email user. That is why, professionals and experts create a copy of their prominent data which is called a backup. This backup prevents and secures all your data information for a long period until you remove them on your own. You can choose to make use of the BitRecover Cloud Backup & Restore Wizard to solve your email recovery issues.

With the help of this software, you can get past problems with email recovery. It imposes no time constraints, in contrast to other options. Simply download the program, back up your Zimbra (Cloud) emails, and then Recover Deleted Emails In Zimbra as needed. You can swiftly allay your worries and take pleasure in the freedom of averting any potential future data loss by doing this. Numerous helpful features that attempt to improve your overall user experience and make it easier to retrieve deleted emails from Zimbra are offered by this software. Create your own backup using the perfect solution and restore whenever you want.

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Steps to Recover Deleted Emails in Zimbra (Cloud)

  • Step 1: Download the software on your device and open once installed.
  • Step 2: Choose Zimbra Cloud as the source and enter the login details and hit the Login button.

    email source option

  • Step 3: All the folders and subfolders will appear and select the required data.

    Choose the file format

  • Step 4: Now go to the Backup tab and choose the file format you want, you can choose any from the visible list such as (MBOX, PST, OST, MSG, EML, etc.)

    choose any from the visible list

  • Step 5: After selecting the saving option, choose the Filter Options tab to apply the advanced filter.

    Filter Options

  • Step 6: Lastly, tap on the Backup button to start the process to retrieve deleted emails from Zimbra webmail.

    Recover Deleted Emails In Zimbra

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We hope we saved you from your loss! The best way to preserve crucial emails is to create a backup using the software so that you recover them easily. Recover Deleted Emails In Zimbra webmail in an effective manner to save your time and effort.