How to Extract Data from Corrupt VHD file without Losing Data in Windows 10?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Corruption in VHD file can cause loss of essential data files or folders, including OS boot files and partition table. VHD corruption aka Virtual Hard Disk corruption brings your data in an inaccessible state. And recover data from corrupt VHD file is a little bit complicated. When your VHD disk corrupted suddenly, and unreadable in Virtual Machine or if you can’t access your files & folders, then relax! Corrupt VHD Recovery Wizard can extract data from corrupt VHD files.

How to Recover Data from Corrupt VHD file?

Hi, I am using VMWare Workstation to mount a Mac OS VHD file in Windows 10 system. Last Sunday when I turn on Virtual Machine, the VM generates error code of corrupt VHD file. My all documents and files turned into an unreadable format. So, is there a way to extract data from corrupt VHD file to physical hard drive. Does anyone know how to recover corrupted VHD file data in Windows 10?

Mitchel Concuss – Nevada City

As the above query easily suggest that the user need to extract data from a damaged VHD file. So when we asked this query on the internet, there are various utility and software also available. But, if you are looking for the best tool to recover data from a corrupted VHD file, use BitRecover Software. With the help of this professional tool, the user can restore data from corrupted VHD to Physical Disk Storage. The software is designed with deep scan technology to perform fast extract data from damage Virtual Hard Disk file.

Reasons for corrupt VHD Hyper-V file

There are lots of possible reasons for VHD corrupted or unreadable, such as: –

Abnormal System Shutdown: – Sometimes, due to a human error or power failure, the computer may suddenly off without proper shutdown. This causes serious damage to the computer hardware and software application such as the VM file. If the virtual machine is running at this time, then the VHD file may be corrupted.

Failure of Storage Media: – Due to the failure of storage media and device, the files become corrupted, and that why VHD file gets fail to run.

Virus Attach or infected VHD file: – Virus attack is a common reason behind the corruption of Data including VHD files. Once a system is attacked by Viruses, it shells the files in the system, including the VHD files, were corrupted.

VHD Transfer Error: – If you are moving VHD files from one system to another due to uncertain reasons. This leads to possibilities of damaging or corrupting VHD file.

VHD Corrupted Errors: – Sometimes, a user accidentally deleted or remove store VHD files, clean or modification System Registry, and improper detach VHD from Disk Management are some of the major errors that can damage any VHD file.

How to Open Corrupt VHD file?

A professional recovery tool – recover lost and permanently deleted files from corrupted VHD files. The software also retrieval of data from corrupt VHD Partition & Boot Records files. Hence, I strongly recommended this application tool to export data from corrupt VHD to Physical storage. Below are the more detailed steps that will help you throughout the process.


Step 1. Free download & open the application software.

Step 2. Now, run the tool and select corrupt VHD file with browse option.

Step 3. Select recovery mode to extract data from corrupt VHD file such as Deleted Recovery, Formatted Recovery, Partition Recovery, and Raw Recovery.

Step 4. After choosing recovery mode, select disk & partition according to requirement.

Step 5. The software starts analyzing the process to find lost files & folders in the selected VHD file.

Step 6. Now, select the files and folder which you want to extract from a corrupt VHD file.

Step 7. Click on the “Recover” button and choose the require path to save recover data from a corrupt VHD file.

Step 8. When the process was finished, the utility popup message of saving completed successfully.

Major Features of Corrupt VHD File Recovery Software

Some of the main features of this amazing software are listed below:

  1. Support corrupted and unreadable or inaccessible VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) file without any issue.
  2. It will preserve the file and folder hierarchy during restore data from a corrupt VHD file.
  3. Recover deleted files & folder from damaged VHD file to Physical Hard drive location.
  4. It will support recovery from fixed, linked, dynamic & differencing corrupted VHD file.
  5. Support all VHD file created by Microsoft Virtual PC, Disk Management, VMware, Citrix XenServer, etc.
  6. The software works with all Microsoft Windows such as Win-10, Win-8.1, Win-8, Win-7, Server-2019, etc.
  7. The tool supports more than 40TB virtual hard disks, VHD files without any size problem.


In the above blog post, we successfully extract files & folders from corrupt VHD files. We take the help of a professional toolkit, to restore data from damaged VHD file to Physical hard disk. The trial edition of the utility function is the same as of paid license edition. But, the user can view and read the file and folder details because saving of data option is disabled in Trial edition.

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