Parallels Desktop Making Virtualization of Windows on Mac Simpler

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In numerous organizations, making use of a mix of both; Windows and Mac systems, the IT team can employ Parallels Desktop (its Business Edition) (its Business Edition) for providing their employees with complete access to MS Windows OS on any system. The users who use Mac systems still need an access to some Windows applications. It can be achieved by using Parallels Desktop (Business Edition) for Mac that gives IT users a way for providing those applications, with the help of virtualization. In the Parallels Desktop, users are allowed to run MS Windows as guest OS on Mac machine with Mac Operating system. It is operable with very smooth interoperability that employees seek.

Advantages of Parellels Desktop

  • The Parallels Desktop helps in making file management across multiple OS environments as flawless as it is practically feasible. You can easily drag the files from Windows Explorer to Finder and vice versa too. You can even open the Windows files from within the Mac applications and even vice versa. Moreover, you can easily navigate the folder hierarchy in Mac from within Windows and the folder hierarchy of Windows from within Mac.
  • To run a virtualized MS Windows application on Mac machine by using Parallels Desktop is very awesome for end-users as it is easy of use and flexible with integrated features.
  • You can select from the multiple modes to work with the MS Windows applications.
    • Coherence mode: If you wish MS Windows applications to combine with the Mac applications then, you can make usage of Coherence mode that provides a sense like you are working in a single Operating system.
    • Window mode: If you wish to run the applications in their own OS environment, then you can make use of this mode for creating a different workspace altogether.
    • Full Screen mode: This gives you a total MS Windows experience.
    • Modality mode: This is used for easily monitoring an already running MS Windows application.
  • You can also enjoy multiple options to launch an MS Windows program.
  • Besides the usual conventional methods inside Windows like the Start menu etc., the Parallels Desktop also helps the end-users to launch the MS Windows applications from within the Mac operating system environment, which includes from the Dock, Finder, Launchpad, or even through the Spotlight search.
  • Parallels desktop also helps in adding resilience to the disaster recovery.
  • You can even enjoy the privilege to copy and paste text between the two OS environments, including special characters and applied formatting like italic, underline and bold. In some of the more advanced applications, it is even possible that you use the cut and paste operation and formatting like font type, font size and font color is preserved.
  • Parallels Desktop also makes the process of working with the hardware (external) devices in the virtual machine easy, straightforward and more often than now, automatic. For example, you can easily print the files to the same printer that has been set up for Mac without the need of modifying the print settings.

How to Use Parellels Desktop

For getting started, the IT administrators can install the Parallels Desktop on a Mac locally. Then with virtual environment, wherein, they can easily deploy several MS Windows-based VMs. However, the actual advantage to use a product like the “Parallels Desktop for Mac” is not the method of separating the two different OS environments; rather, it is how it helps them in working together.

Wrapping Up

Parellels Desktop is a part of an advanced technology. As it makes easy for users to manage of two OS over the one by working parallel on Mac and Windows OS on the same machine. We have discussed about the same in the above-discussion to understand properly to use it in your workplace to manage your data accordingly.