How to Convert Outlook PST to Foxmail Email Client ? – A Quick and Effective Method

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Summary: Numerous individuals work in the utilization of Foxmail incorporated personal mailbox, for different reasons, the need to move information from old PC to new PC, which includes how to import messages in Foxmail. However, imagine a scenario in which, you need to convert Outlook PST to Foxmail. Along these lines, we are here to carry a swift technique to export Outlook Emails to Foxmail.

Read this user query to get an idea of real world scenario

Hi, I have finally upgraded my 5 year old PC which had Outlook installation. Now, I have installed Foxmail 7.2.16 on the new PC. But, the major problem is that some of my crucial messages of my office are saved in Outlook. So, here the need arises for Outlook PST to Foxmail conversion. Is it possible, if yes, then how to do Outlook to Foxmail conversion?


Foxmail is a freeware email client initially made by Allen Zhang, which got wide distribution and fame after it turned into an official mail client of Chinese ISP Tencent. As an email client, this will fulfill both home and private venture users.

Therefore, if you are also willing to migrate Outlook messages to Foxmail. Then, we suggest you BitRecover Outlook PST Converter. With this splendid utility, you can export Outlook pst emails in Foxmail EML format. Thereafter, these emails can be directly imported into Foxmail.
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How to Convert Outlook PST to Foxmail ?

Follow steps to convert emails from Outlook PST to Foxmail;

  1. Launch Outlook to Foxmail converter on Windows.
  2. Select PST files/ folders to import into Foxmail.
  3. Specify desired emails for conversion and choose EML format.
  4. Give a file name and a destination location for output.
  5. Start to convert Outlook pst emails to Foxmail.

How Can I Export Emails from Outlook to Foxmail ?

Note: To do so, you can first try the demo version of PST to Foxmail conversion tool. It permits to convert first 25 items from each Outlook folder to selected format. Upgrade the license keys for countless email migration from Outlook to Foxmail.

Now, successfully run it on your Windows-compatible machine.

There are two ways to import data in the software panel.

(i) If you have MS Outlook configured on your computer then, you can check the first option “convert configured Outlook mailbox” >> click on Next button to proceed further.

Once you click on the Next button, the software will load all the configured Outlook mailbox data into GUI.

(ii) If you don’t have Outlook configuration on same computer, then choose the latter option: Select files/ Select folder. These options will let you to convert single or multiple Outlook files or folders into the software panel for conversion.

Enable the “Use Recovery Mode” option if you have some corrupted .pst files or there are some missing folders.

Next step is to put a check on those email files and folders specifically that you wish to import Outlook PST to Foxmail.

Navigate towards the saving options list. Here, choose EML as saving option.

Thereafter, enter a resultant destination path for saving the converted data.

Select a file name from the multiple file naming conventions available in the software panel.

Lastly, press on the convert tab to start the conversion of emails from Outlook to Foxmail.

That’s it! Now you have your emails in .eml format. Time to import these email messages into Foxmail.

For this, just drag and drop the resultant EML files into the Foxmail email client.


Splendid Features of Software

In this section, we are listing some of the most impressive features of this software. Have a look at them one by one:

  1. It allows to batch convert Outlook PST to Foxmail. So, no need to worry if you have large amount of emails and want to import them in Foxmail in one shot.
  2. The tool gives selective conversion feature which is very beneficial when you only want to convert some specific emails for Outlook PST to Foxmail conversion.
  3. It gives you freedom to choose the target saving path for storing the converted emails.
  4. One of the superb feature of this utility is that it provides various file naming options which you can use for a better email management.
  5. The software is completely safe to use and provides 100% precise results. It gives you assurance to maintain the integrity of data throughout the process to export Outlook emails to Foxmail.
  6. It maintains the email components like sender and receiver details, subject, attachments, inline images, hyperlinks, etc.
  7. Proper 24*7 technical assistance for any kind of query or doubts regarding the software.

Reasons For Outlook to Foxmail Conversion

Though MS Outlook has been gaining its popularity from so many years. Yet, Foxmail has succeeded it due to its easy user-friendly features and lightweight operation. Moreover, it includes a customary interface for listing messages, isolating them by directories and labels, complete message edit manager, scheduler, pop-up notifications, import/export capacity.

After numerous years in service, the most recent form of Foxmail highlights an overhauled interface and reception of numerous new highlights and services that make this email client reasonable for personal PC use as well as lineup in huge organizations.

One of the most prominent expansion is the integration with a simple to utilize and rich-featured notepad, where your information can be effectively assembled, sorted out and even matched up over all Foxmail clients on desktop and mobile.

Concluding Words

In the above blog, we have thrown a light on resolve this query “how to convert Outlook PST to Foxmail”. The recommended solution can be performed without any technical complications. Now, one can export Outlook emails to Foxmail in a hassle-free manner.