How to Open NSF File in Phone ? – The Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Summary: Want to open NSF file in phone? Are you facing difficulty to open Lotus notes mail in your android phone? Such queries are spreading at a fast pace, for all those who have a bulk of NSF files and want to open them in their smartphones. This blog will certainly resolve all your queries related to viewing NSF file in phone.

NSF is a file format of IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) which is a popular mail client specifically meant for emailing purposes. Not only emails, but this collaborative client-server software is also very useful for storing contacts of employees in organizations, instant messaging, saving notes, managing tasks, etc. To access NSF files you must have IBM Notes installation. Lotus Notes requires high maintenance and complexity in managing it. Our technical team often receives queries in which users ask for an instant solution to view all the contents of NSF files in their phones. Individuals still don’t know how to open NSF file in phone.

The users can’t trust manual methods as one can’t afford to take risks with these standard solutions to read NSF file in phone. BitRecover NSF Converter is an all-in-one utility that helps to open NSF file in phone in a seamless manner. This informative write-up will provide you a complete guide of how to view .nsf files in phone.

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How to Open NSF File in Phone Easily ?

How to Open NSF File in Phone Without Lotus Notes ?

Follow these steps to view Lotus Notes NSF email in phone:

Step1: Download and Run the software on Windows OS.
Step2: Select Add Files or Add Folder option to start the process.
Step3: Check NSF email preview and Select PDF as a saving option.
Step4: Enter a resultant destination path for saving the converted files.
Step5: Press on the convert tab to open Lotus Notes archive NSF file in phone.

View NSF Files in Phone – Stepwise Procedure

This step-by-step procedure will help you to open NSF file in phone. To access this software, you need to have IBM Notes configured on your Windows machine. Thereafter, you can easily open Lotus Notes NSF file in phone.

Firstly, Download, install and run this software on any Windows-compatible machine. 

In the Next step, this wizard provides dual option to load files in the GUI. From your database, Choose either “Add Files” or “Add Folder” option for loading single or multiple NSF files for conversion.


Once you have added files, the tool will automatically fetch on the mailboxes. Now, Check the preview of all mailboxes of NSF files and enable those check-boxes that you wish to do for the processing. You can even see the attachments separately by clicking on the “Attachments” option.


At the top-panel of Window, press on the Convert tab. Then click on the All Folder Types button. There you can find various saving options for this tool. Select PDF as a saving option.


Note: Press on the Filer Options tab to apply multiple filter saving options for selective mail backup.

Now, the time comes to choose a destination path for saving the resultant converted data. This software provides 10 file naming options for arranging the final data. Pick a suitable file name as per requirement.


Then, click on the Next button and the conversion starts successfully. You can analyze your files with the live conversion progressive report.


After file migration, the tool will automatically open the default location where all your files are saved.


Now, since PDF files are universally acceptable file format and easily viewable in android phones too. Thus, after this, one can easily open NSF file in phone.


Open Lotus Notes NSF File in Phone – Prime Features of Software

1. The program is flexible to open NSF file in phone without any file limitations.
2. View Lotus Notes email in phone without changing folders and subfolders structure.
3. Supports all Lotus Notes latest and prior versions to Open Lotus Notes database in phone.
4. The software allows to Open Lotus NSF mail in phone with its associated attachments.
5. Facilitates to preview NSF archive file and folders with a separate preview option.
6. Live conversion progress report to analyze the conversion speed and accuracy.
7. 100% safe migration process so that users can open NSF file in phone in an effective manner.
8. Offers 10 file naming options to handle the NSF database as per the user’ s requirement.
9. Compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit Windows OS to view .nsf file in phone.
10. Open Lotus Notes email in phone with all email components like Subject, To, From, CC, etc.

Frequently Asked User’s Related Queries

Ques1: How can I open NSF file in phone?
Ans: You can open IBM Notes NSF file in phone using NSF file conversion utility.

Ques2: Can I fix an error like Unsupportable file format while opening NSF file in phone?
Ans: Yes, why not! You can convert these NSF files into PDF documents that can be viewed in android phones easily.

Ques3: How can I test the tool’s functionality before investing on it?
Ans: You can download the free trial version of this software that will permit you to open few NSF files in phone. You can activate the licensed keys of the software for unlimited file migration.

Ques4: Does the software impose any restriction to open Lotus NSF files in phone?
Ans: No, there are no file limitations while opening NSF file in phone with this tool.

Final Words

The above blog explains a complete approach to the most frequent query How to open NSF file in phone. It is a very easy and efficient process to view NSF file in phone. This application is a Windows-based software. So, one can use this software on any Windows machine to read NSF file in phone. The software has been programmed in such a manner that the user won’t face any technical issues while accessing it. If you still have any further queries, you can contact to our technical support team.

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