How to Open EML File in Chrome With Attachments? [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 7 Min Read

Do you want to open EML file in Chrome browser? If yes then you have landed on the absolutely right page. In this post we have defined the easiest, quickest and effective ways to open .eml file in Chrome browser without in a hassle free manner. Let’s get started to open all your EML files easily in Chrome.

An EML commonly known as an Electronic Mail Message; a single plain text that consists of email information. It is a seamless solution that enables users to read and share email text such as messages, subject lines, header information, dates, attachments, inline images, links, etc. Often there are circumstances when users need to access, read, and open EML file in Chrome browser without using an email client. 

Moreover, if you’re seeking the same, then, you aren’t different. In this article, we will talk about the methods to open .eml file in Chrome. So, here are the best practices for the same. Before delving into the same, let’s first understand the benefits of opening EML in Chrome browser. 

Reasons to Open EML Files in Chrome

Many of you are aware of the fact that EML is a widely compatible and supported file format with both desktop and webmail email services. It retains an extensive range of email information including the message, header, links, and more, making it a convenient and versatile choice to build communication. However, the issue of accessing the EML file in a different email client includes certain privacy concerns, limited storage solutions, security factors, and other challenges. 

However, open EML file in Chrome can offer a wide accessibility and easy portability factor to the user. Also, viewing the .eml in Google Chrome or any browser includes several benefits therefore, let’s delve into to unfold the benefits. 

  • Quick Text Preview:- The robust features of Chrome enable users to effortlessly preview the email content and message body instead of using any email client. With this, users quickly can access the content of email anytime or anywhere. 
  • No Need for Email Clients:-  Often configuring email clients or webmail is tiresome just to read and transfer the file. However, open EML files in Google Chrome allows users to access email information without login or installing any email services. 
  • Wide Range of Accessibility:- Chrome is commonly known as a cross-platform that supports preview of .eml file format without any security or compatibility factors. Therefore, users can easily transfer the data to any application and third-party application. 
  • Readable Representation:- As Google Chrome is compatible with HTML file format, converting .eml in HTML can enable accurate and meticulous representation of EML email formatting in the browser. 
  • Risk Factor:- There is constant risk inherent in email clients as loss of data and accidental deletion. To prevent these circumstances, users can open EML file in Chrome as it is more convenient and effectively mitigates the challenges associated with different email services. 

In addition, these are the most common benefits of opening EML file format in Google Chrome. With this, you might be looking for the methods therefore, we are going to uncover both professional and manual solutions. To begin the discussion, let’s start with the one-stop expert method. 

How to Open .EML Files in Chrome in Bulk? [Use Expert Method]

Compared to email services, web browsers such as Chrome are considered the efficient way to quickly scan, preview, read, and access EML file formats. To open EML file in Chrome, use the professionally recommended BitRecover EML Converter as it is convenient and offers an excellent UX interface. The functionalities of this tool include bulk conversion .eml file format and even supports over 35 most popular file types. 

As the .eml file format retains email messages, subject lines, email addresses, attachments, etc, therefore, using this software users can extract this information. On the other hand, Google Chrome supports HTML or .html file format. Therefore, it is a robust and top-notch tool that enables users to convert EML files into HTML format. The additional benefits of using this software include bulk or errorless data conversion and advanced email filtration options. 

Learn the Steps of Professional Software 

Now, let’s understand the step-by-step procedure to open EML file in Chrome:

  1. First download and install the aforementioned tool on your computer. Interestingly, this software is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems.
  2. Insert the .eml file using the Select File option and then, Next.
    open EML file in Chrome
  3. Choose the required checkboxes for conversion and press Next.
    choose the require boxes
  4. Select the HTML file format from the Select Saving Option then, choose the location of the finalized file using the Destination Path option.
    select HTML file format
  5. Go to the Convert button to convert the EML file format into HTML. Once the process is completed, it will automatically pop the message of successful conversion of data.
    successfully converted .eml file

(Pro Tip:- Apply these few steps enables anyone to errorlessly open EML file in Chrome. Further, users can sort the data using data, year, and subject line under the filter option. Further, this tool is among the highly preferable choices to manage and access the EML file format into different file formats.)

Free Solution to Open EML Files in Google Chrome 

In the earlier section, we have discussed the one-stop solution. Here, we will list the manual method to access the .eml file in web browsers. Since the professional tool is quick and bulk converts the data. However, the limitations of using the free method consist of complexities and draining tasks as users can preview one text at a time. Another factor includes no manual method to preserve and access the attachments. 

Hence, these are the prominent drawbacks of the manual method. Now, let’s move forward to learn the steps to open EML file in Chrome:

  1. To know the step, first, right-click on the .eml file to find the drop-down option in the menu. And, click on the Open With option. 
  2. With this, choose the Notepad option, here users need to select the Print option and save the email in PDF file format. 
  3. After implementing these steps, right-click on PDF then, select Open With, and choose the Google Chrome option.
  4. With this, users can manually open EML files in Google Chrome

(Note:- Unfortunately, the resultant email message comes in unreadable text and is embedded with HTML code and formatting. Therefore, it brings more hindrance for users to understand and read the information.)

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed the benefits to open EML file in Chrome. As it enables users to access and share the data without installing any email client. For the same, we have listed both manual and expert solutions to preview the EML file format in Google Chrome. 

As free solutions retain multiple limitations, using the professional method is among the best go-to choices for opening EML file format in a web browser even with attachments. Moreover, use the aforementioned tool to access/ open the .eml file directly in Chrome in readable text. With this, users can conveniently share the data on different platforms.