MS Outlook 2016 Features & Specifications

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Nowadays many organization requires business best practice, regulatory compliance, and industry standards to maintain email data for extensive periods of time. This presents the added challenge of chasing ever-growing email storage capacity. If running email on-premises, incurring additional capital expenses to upgrade and maintain the storage infrastructure. So, many organizations are using their email client like MS Outlook 2016 features.

MS Outlook is a flexible email client, with all features. It comes with an MS Office package and is easily accessible on all Windows-based Operating systems. It is utilized as a stand-alone application and easily workable with MS Exchange Server and MS SharePoint server for various users working in an organization for e.g. shared mailbox and calendars. It provides the flexible option of search and organizes various mail grouping. Outlook easily combines the email messages, scheduling, to-do list as well as social networking updates. It is easy to customize with a variety of themes. Not only this Outlook offers various features such as:

  • Fast synchronization
  • Integrates easily with many other devices and applications
  • Manage multiple accounts easily
  • Gives an option to add screenshots in Outlook
  • Multi-step tasking with a single click
  • Offers security
  • Easily manage a large volume of emails

There are various versions of Outlook available in the market such as Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003 all these versions have their own unique feature. Now the latest MS Outlook 2016 version is available in the market. It has various features which make users switch to Outlook 2016.

 Outlook 2016 Features

Outlook 2016 new features are available which makes the user interface and workflow simple for users on Outlook:

Push email support: As Push emails are not new, these have been implemented in Apple Mail, iOS Mail app, Android Mail app, Windows Mail and now this feature is also available with Office Suite. In it basically, users can easily get new messages as soon as they come in and if the user missed anything, the user can get it by simply clicking on the getting Mail button.

Quick Message Preview: It is the latest feature. The user can easily see the first sentence of the message just below the heading which makes it easy for the user not to open it to view.

Thread availability: Another add-on feature in the list of MS Outlook 2016 features is that now there is an option to group your message in the conversation.  It makes it easy for users as users don’t have to sort through every time when the application is open.

Enhanced Calendars: Now users can easily view multiple calendars at once, the ability to propose a new time invited to events and meetings, and even to view the weather forecast for important dates are available.

Search option: MS Outlook 2016 advance search option is available now, which makes it easy to search the specific mail from Outlook, it saves users time.

Outlook 2016 for Windows: MS Outlook 2016 is easily operable on all Windows operating and supports all versions of Windows i.e. Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, etc.

Outlook 2016 journal: MS Outlook has a feature of tracking all the activities which the user has done the whole day. It was done automatically in previous editions but in Outlook 2016 journal is no longer supported. If the user needs to select them, they have to select them manually:

  • Create a Journal entry
  • Drag an item to the Journal folder


Outlook 2016 Themes is available with various themes in it, users can easily change the look of Office Theme. In Outlook 2016 users can easily choose from colorful, black, dark grey, and white themes.

Why do users need to Convert all their Data to Outlook 2016?

As in day-to-day life, Outlook is used almost in every field as an email client. The most important thing is it comes with an Office package. And Outlook 2016 version is the latest in the market with many latest features according to users’ requirements. The most important thing is it is fully safe and secure to utilize. So, this is the main reason almost everyone needs to switch their data to Outlook 2016.