How to Migrate SmarterMail to Yahoo Mail Account Directly ? BitRecover Guide 

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

If you are among those, who want to migrate SmarterMail to Yahoo Mail properly, please wait here. In this blog, we will cover one of the most frequently asked questions, “How to export SmarterMail emails to a Yahoo account?” We will explain its simple process step by step with a reliable solution. So keep reading.

Smarter users may have some of the good reasons to switch to Yahoo Mail. It may due to job changes, professional requirements, backup process, and many more. Let’s take a look at a user query for a better understanding.

“Hello, I am having trouble sending emails from SmarterMail to Yahoo account. I need to save some information from SmarterMail Server to Yahoo Mail account. How can I do this? Please guide me with detailed instructions. – Charles Downey

Introducing SmarterMail to Yahoo Migration Tool – Why is it Right for You ?

BitRecover SmarterMail converter toolkit is a reliable and powerful solution to migrate SmarterMail to Yahoo. It easily exports SmarterMail mailbox items to Yahoo Mail accounts. Just enter the account login credentials of the Yahoo Mail account. It is efficient in migrating emails with attachments, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, diaries, etc. from SmarterMail Mail Server to Yahoo Mail accounts. The tool is a simple and direct solution that one can use on all the available Windows editions.

Before knowing about the step-by-step process to export SmarterMail emails to Yahoo Mail business account, we have something exciting to share.

Do You Know Something?
Now, you can use the SmarterMail to Yahoo migration tool without any charges. It means to take a test drive without any pay. Go and download the free edition of the software on your Windows machine and use it. But, there is a certain limitation. You can only migrate the first 25 emails of SmarterMail account to Yahoo Mail. To export all SmarterMail mailboxes to Yahoo Mail, upgrade to License edition.
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All Steps to Migrate SmarterMail to Yahoo Account with Properties

Firstly, run the mentioned software on any of the Windows edition. Then, read the mentioned guidelines to migrate SmarterMail server to Yahoo Mail.

Click on Select Files or Select Folder to load SmarterMail mailbox items in the software panel and then hit next.

Now, choose the required data folder from SmarterMail that you wish to migrate SmarterMail server to Yahoo Mail account.

Then, select Yahoo Mail as the saving option and fill the credentials, as shown in the screenshot.

Now, specify the destination path to export specific emails from SmarterMail to Yahoo account.

Finally, tap on the Next button and start the live migration from SmarterMail to Yahoo account.

It’s time to see the Results: – 

The email migration process from SmarterMail to Yahoo ends with a complete conversion message and registration report. After getting both. Log into your Yahoo Mail account, and you will see a folder called SmarterMail. Please open it and get 100% accurate results.

Read Major Benefits of Choosing SmarterMail to Yahoo Migrator Tool

  • #No.1 SmarterMail Converter tool adopts simple technical design and provides a consistent interface.
  • It supports the migration of all items such as email, contacts, calendars, etc. from SmarterMail to Yahoo Mail account.
  • The software maintained a hierarchical structure during the migration of SmarterMail to Yahoo.
  • It is used as independent platforms without the need to install any external applications and plug-ins.
  • The application has dual options; you can load multiple SmarterMail mailboxes in the software interface panel.
  • Advanced filter options allow you to export desired emails from SmarterMail to Yahoo Mail. It provides many filters, such as date, subject, recipient, Bcc, etc.
  • The software requires Yahoo Mail and Yahoo Small Business account credentials for the task.
  • The migration tool from SmarterMail to Yahoo Mail comes with a 100% secure platform.
  • It supports all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows Server Edition.

The Bottom Line

In the above user guide, we discussed how users could migrate SmarterMail to Yahoo account. It can successfully do with a one-stop solution called SmarterMail to Yahoo Migrator software. It is a useful product that anyone can use to export emails from SmarterMail to Yahoo Mail with all information.

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