How to Migrate iPage Email to Office 365?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

If you are a user of iPage and looking for methods to migrate iPage email to Office 365 account, then you are on the right page. In this write-up, we will show you the best and safest solution to migrate data.

As we all know, iPage is a web host service provided around the world. Which also, provides email hosting to manage your personal and professional emails.

Also, Office 365 is a web-based suite that provides multiple advanced features to manage your email data. not only emails, but it allows users to handle contacts, calendars, notes, journals, and task data.

Advantages of Migrating Emails from iPage to Office 365

Microsoft 365 has multiple advanced and superior features, which compel users to migrate iPage email to Office 365 account.

  • Office 365 comes with an advanced range of applications with it such as SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams, Yammer, Planner, Stream, Calendar, Dynamics 365, and more.
  • And iPage servers is only available for US country, while Office 365 provides services around the world.
  • Office 365 has an advanced level of security to protect users’ data, on the other hand, iPage does provide a high level of security.
  • Also, iPage warns users to prevent cyberattacks, viruses, and malware attacks. Because they don’t know when they will lose their data due to a lack of security.

Hassle-Free Solution to Migrate iPage Email to Office 365

There are no other manual methods for iPage to Office 365 migration, so we will take the help of expert solutions like the BitRecover iPage backup tool.

The software allows users to migrate unlimited emails from iPage to Office 365 accounts in bulk without any size limitations.

Also, it has easy to use interface for all technical and non-technical users. also, the software maintains all the elements during the process. Some of the amazing advances are mentioned below:

Advanced Features of iPage to Office 365 Migrator

  • Advance filter options to migrate specific emails from iPage via date Range, To, from, subject, etc. also users can exclude the folders which empty as per their requirements.
  • Users can migrate unlimited emails from iPage in bulk with complete information.
  • Also, the solution migrate iPage email to Office 365 directly account without doing any extra import/export process.
  • Migrate data from multiple iPage accounts using the use batch option by uploading the CSV file.
  • Users can migrate selected data from the iPage account to save their time and energy.
  • If users want to save their emails into default folders like Inbox to inbox, or Sent to Sent, so they can enable the “Sent Messages in Default Folder” option.
  • Provides various language options including English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc.

Working Steps to Migrate iPage Email to Office 365

  1. Download and run the software on your system.
  2. And enter the login details of your iPage account.

    IPage account

  3. Now enable the required option and enter the IMAP Host and IMAP port no details and hit the “Login” details.
    • Imap Host:
    • Incoming Port: 143 (or 993 with SSL enabled))

    required options

  4. Select the required data from the software panel.

    required folders

  5. And choose the “Office 365” option from the saving list to migrate iPage email to Office 365.

    office 365

  6. Now apply the advanced filter option for specific emails according to your needs.

    advances filter option

  7. And select the required filters as your needs, and if you are an admin then enable the “I am Admin” option and click on the “Backup” icon.

    login details

  8. Now enter the login details of the Office 365 account.

    migrate IPage email to Office 365

  9. And again, hit the “Backup” icon to start the iPage to Office 365 migration.

As you can see, how simple the software works, also the software comes with a free trial version, which allows the user to migrate limited data to analyze the software and how it works.

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Time to Say Goodbye

Here we solved the query to migrate iPage email to Office 365 account with complete data using the expert solution. cause there is no manual method available for this iPage to Office 365 migration process. The software is a highly recommended and verified tool, and also there is no risk of data loss.