How to Migrate IceWarp Cloud to Outlook PST Directly?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Recently, I got a query on support that a user wanted to perform IceWarp to Outlook migration. As, he managed all his data on IceWarp cloud but he wanted to take the backup of his data on the desktop application. He is having two accounts on IceWarp and he wanted the backup of both accounts in PST format. There was around 5 GB of data that he wanted to export from IceWarp Cloud to Outlook PST.

The biggest challenge that he was facing was to move the bulk of data to Outlook without any data loss. Performing it manually will consume huge time. Therefore, he wanted a direct solution to save IceWarp Cloud to Outlook PST format. Then, I recommended him to use BitRecover Email Backup software. As the software gives a direct option to transfer multiple IceWarp Cloud Mails to PST format. In the following segment, I have discusses the complete way to move IceWarp Cloud to MS Outlook account.

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Steps to Export IceWarp Cloud to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010

Follow the given steps to transfer IceWarp Cloud to PST format directly.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • From the list of email sources, select IceWarp Cloud to perform IceWarp Cloud to Outlook PST migration.

list of email sources

  • Enter the credentials of your IceWarp Cloud account on the software’s panel and click on Login.

Enter the credentials

  • The application will start analysing all the folders.

start analysing

  • The tool will fetch all the folders and view it on the left-side of the tool with message count. Check the desired folder to perform data migration.

Check the desired folder

  • Choose PST format form the list of file saving option to migrate IceWarp Cloud to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, etc.

Choose PST format

  • Choose the desired language of your PST file accordingly by checking an option of “Change Language.

Choose the desired language

  • You can change the location to save your resultant data files by clicking on Change button.

change the location

  • If you want to perform selective data migration then, click on Advance settings options. Choose the filter option accordingly >> click on the Backup button to start the process.

Selective data migration

  • Once the process is completed, you will get the message of completion.

Process is completed

Now, you have the resultant PST file after conversion from IceWarp Cloud Mails to Outlook. To view your PST file data, you can use BitRecovere PST Viewer. However, to use the resultant data, all you need to do is to import PST in your Outlook profile.

Import PST in Microsoft Outlook Account

  • Open your MS Outlook on your system.

MS Outlook

  • Go to file >> click on open & export option >> select Import & Export option.

 Import & Export

  • From the import/Export Wizard, choose an option “Import from another program or file” >> click on Next button.

Import from another program or file

  • Choose an option from import a file Window “Outlook Data File (.pst)” >> click on Next button.

Outlook Data File

  • Browse the PST file from the stored location and choose the desired option from the list of options >> click Next.

Browse the PST file

Once the PST file is imported, you can easily access it on your MS Outlook account without any issue. In this way, he migrated all his data from IceWarp Cloud Mail directly to Outlook PST mailbox. Before coming to the end, let us have a look over the software.

IceWarp Cloud to Outlook PST Exporter – Advance Utility

There are plenty of software applications available to be used for the transaction of email messages. Meanwhile, Outlook is one of the most preferred clients due to its accurate level of data security. Therefore, various users want to move their data to MS Outlook directly whether while performing cloud to desktop migration.

Thus, we already came up with IceWarp Cloud to PST Software application that had been serving users with an ability of switching their IceWarp Cloud Mails to Outlook PST format. This conversion of contents from one platform to another can be executed regardless of the version of Windows OS you are using, as the tool supports them all. However, you have to be sure that when you want to import IceWarp Cloud Mails to Outlook. No external utility is needed to execute the data migration process. It is a simple, easy, and trouble-free way to execute the process of migration. Offers various advance features that makes the data migration simpler as well as easier. Application migrates unlimited data files from cloud to desktop application directly.

Reliable yet Supportive Software

  • Define Conversion

With this tool, the user can choose the location folder to save resultant data files according to their need.

  • Sharp Conversion

This tool can be used to perform selective data conversion. You can select files or folder from the fetched IceWarp Cloud folders that has to be converted independently.

  • Retentive Conversion

Unlike many other application the tool, we deal in providing advanced features with which user can convert files into PST without affecting the Metadata which is not offered by other solutions.

  • Simple User Interface

The tool is designed with a simple user guide so that one can easily install the software with having any Windows OS and Outlook version. Thus, it is a well-supported utility to move IceWarp Cloud to Outlook.

Summing Up

Migration of data is quiet important to manage the data by creating its proper backup. Therefore, in the above discussion, I have described a complete process to migrate IceWarp Cloud to Outlook PST that I had shared with one of my client who wanted IceWarp Cloud to PST migration.

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