How to Migrate from Hover to Office 365 Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

If you are looking for the methods to migrate from Hover to Office 365 account directly, then you are on the right page. Here we will show you the best, most direct, and safest method for Hover to Office 365 migration.

We all know that; Hover is an email hosting and domain service provider in the US. Hover email service is best because it comes with built-in spam protection and anti-virus technique. Also, Hover users can access their emails from email clients as well as webmail.

Because of the lack of features of Hover, many businesses and companies are migrating their data from Hover to Office 365. Because Office 365 provides the best and most advanced features than Hover.

But they don’t know the right way, so we have to easiest steps to Migrate from Hover to Office 365 account manually and using the professional method.

Manual Methods to Migrate Hover to Office 365

We are going to mention the manual method step by step. Follow all the steps carefully:

Important Note: This manual method is only for technical users and takes a backup of your data for future.

  1. Make a user account in Office 365 and assign the license.
  2. Configure the domain in the admin center that is currently configured with the Hover mailbox.
  3. Set up the Hover email service with the outlook account and export the server details from the IMAP settings.
  4. Make the CSV file that contains the credentials like username and password of the Hover and put these details in the admin center.
  5. Create the endpoint in the exchange server and configured the Office 365 server with the Hover IMAP server.
  6. Make the migration batches and begin the Hover to Office 365 migration.
  7. Now modify the DNS record and reroute the emails to the Office 365 mailbox.
  8. After successfully forwarding the emails to Microsoft 365 account, remove the migration batches from the Exchange admin center.

Points to be Remembered, While Migrating from Hover to Office 365

  • The manual method will take a long time and energy.
  • This method is not for non-technical users, you must have technical knowledge.
  • One wrong step will lose your complete data.

If you are a non-technical user and don’t want to lose your data then follow the mentioned method.

Migrate from Hover to Office 365 for Non-Technical Users

Professional solutions are always best and safe than manual methods, especially when we are doing any migration. So, we have the advanced BitRecover IMAP Backup Tool to migrate from Hover to Office 365 account directly without losing any detail or information. Also, there are no restrictions like manual methods. It comes with advanced features that allow users to smooth Hover to Office 365 migration. Some of the amazing features are mentioned below in detail:

Advanced Features of Hover to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Use Batch Mode: The software allows users to migrate data from multiple Hover account at once in bulk by uploading the CSV file that contains the login credentials of all accounts.
  • Selected Folders: All the folders and subfolders of accounts will appear on the screen, where users can easily analyse the data and check/uncheck the required folders that they want to migrate.
  • No Extra Process – After selecting Office 365 from the saving option button, users just must enter the login details of the Office 365 account, and all data will be migrated directly without doing any further import/export process.
  • Change Language Option: BitRecover is a well-known brand around the world, so our solution is famous worldwide. So, we have a Change language option that allows users to map the folders in the required language including English, Spanish, French, German, Finnish, etc.
  • Advanced Filter Option: users can apply the filter tab to migrate specific emails from the Hover account as per their requirements. They can migrate Hover emails via Date Range, To, From, Subject, etc.

Working Steps to Migrate Hover to MS Office 365

  1. Download and run the software using the download button.
  2. Enter the login credentials of the Hover account and put in the IMAP details and hit the Login button.

    Hover IMAP Details

    Hover account

  3. Select the required folders/subfolders from the screen.

    required folders

  4. Hit the select saving option and choose Office 365 from the appearing list to migrate from Hover to Office 365.

    Office 365

  5. Apply the required filters and enter the login details of the Microsoft 365 account.

    login details

  6. From the Filter tab button, enable the Advanced filter tab to migrate the required data.

    Advanced filter

  7. Lastly, hit the “Backup” button to start the Hover to Office 365 migration process.

    Hover to Office 365 migration

Time to Say Goodbye

Above we have mentioned the complete information and step-by-step guide to migrate from Hover to Office 365 account directly. There is a manual method that has lots of drawbacks, so if you are a non-technical user then you should use the professional method. Also, the software comes with a free demo version that allows users to analyze the software.