How to Migrate Bat Emails to Office 365 Cloud Instantly ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: December 5th, 2022 • 4 Min Read

Summary: Follow the steps in this article to migrate Bat emails to Office 365 account. We’ve devised the most effective method for converting Bat emails to Microsoft 365 with attachments. So, read the blog all the way to the conclusion.

Want to convert The Bat to Office 365 email account? If yes, then download RecoveryTools BAT Migrator on your Windows machine. This software is helpful to make the migration from Bat emails to Office 365 very easy. It allows you to export Bat files to Microsoft 365 within simple steps.

How to convert Bat files to Office 365 in account ?

To migrate Bat emails to Office 365 account, follow these steps:

1 – On your Windows machine, first download the Bat to Office 365 migration tool.

Note: With the help of free demo edition, users can easily convert 25 data items from each folder. For unlimited conversion, purchase the licensed edition of the software.


2 – Read all of the instructions before start the conversion process.

3 – The Bat! data from your preset profile can be auto-detected by the tool. Alternatively, you can use the Select Files or Select Folders options to manually select Bat files.

4 – This utility loads all of the email folders in a blink. Select the relevant email folders and then press the Next button.

5 – Select Office 365 as your file saving option. Enter the Email Address and Password for your Microsoft 365 email account.

6 – Finally, select Next to begin the process of converting Bat files to an Office 365 account. Please wait for the process to finish.

Learn More About the Most Effective Bat to Office 365 Converter

It is the most trustworthy solution for transferring Bat emails to Office 365 accounts without losing data. This programme is useful for converting many The Bat! files to an Office 365 email account at the same time. The tool has a fairly straightforward graphical user interface. Users can quickly obtain an exact and comprehensive conversion without losing any data.

The Bat to Microsoft 365 Converter Highlighted Features

  1. Batch conversion is a feature of the tool. Users can convert several Bat emails to Office 365 at the same time with this feature. This function saves time and effort.
  2. Safe and Secure: There are no risks associated with this software. Users can simply and safely convert their Bat account to an Office 365 account without losing any data.
  3. Transfer Email Attachments: The Bat to Office 365 Migration Tool can help you convert all of your data from your Bat! account to Office 365. It can effectively transfer Bat emails to Office 365, including all attachments.
  4. Retains Email Properties: The programme maintains all email properties while moving data from Bat files to an Office 365 account. The Bat! files will be converted precisely and accurately.
  5. User Interface Is Simple: The Bat to Office 365 Migration application has a very simple user interface. The conversion can be completed by both technical and non-technical people without any assistance.
  6. This software is compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. This software is simple to instal on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and other editions.

Query solved!

If you are the one who wants to migrate Bat emails to Office 365 account, then use the suggested tool. With this software, users can easily convert Bat files to Office 365 accounts without losing information. It is suggested to download the free demo edition first. With this free edition, users can easily check the complete software’s working and functionalities.

✔️ I have some BAT TBB files but The Bat is not installed on my pc, will it work ?

Yes, the tool works in both conditions. It works smoothly if Bat installed or not.

✔️ Can I migrate only few Bat folders to Microsoft 365 ?

Yes, you can upload hole Bat profile data in the software. After that, it will give you file explorer view option to choose specific folders.

✔️ Does your software contain attachments during BAT to Office 365 conversion ?

Yes, it allows to convert BAT to Office 365 cloud with attachments.