How to Migrate Emails from Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird Account ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

This write-up is an attempt to explain the implementation of Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird migration.

With all due regard to the desirable scope of items and administrations that Amazon offers, AWS WorkMail is as yet a generally new contribution with a developing userbase. Amazon WorkMail is a safe email service that supports existing desktop and mobile email client applications. It actually needs to develop explicitly regarding its business efficiency suite. On the other hand, the foundation that free Mozilla Thunderbird gives is undeniably more hearty and better than any of its rivals. Obviously, the majority of the huge organizations like to utilize the Thunderbird service to satisfy their business needs.

There are a massive amount of users who are looking to export emails from AWS WorkMail to Thunderbird freeware. In the following section of the blog, we have explained the Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird migration process.

Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird Migration Tool – Transfer your Emails in a Simpler Way!

Those users who want to access and handle their mailing data offline can try BitRecover Amazon WorkMail Backup Tool. This software makes the conversion process simpler than ever.

With it, a user can migrate emails from Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird in a straightforward manner. An easy and bulk migration of AWS WorkMail data to Thunderbird can be accomplished within a single attempt.

Along with this, the software has the capability to export multiple AWS WorkMail email accounts to Thunderbird at once. Also, you don’t need to have the technical experience to implement this process.

How to Test AWS WorkMal to Thunderbird Migrator for Free ?

Do you want to check all the functions and features of this software for free? Well, you can easily do this with the help of free demo version. It allows to migrate top 25 Amazon WorkMail data items to Thunderbird account. When you will get fully satisfied with its performance, then you can upgrade the license keys of the software.

Download for Windows

Now you have downloaded the application, so continue ahead to work on it.

How to Migrate Emails from Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird Client ?

After running the software on your Windows computer, read these steps to export AWS WorkMail to Thunderbird:

Choose Amazon WorkMail from the list of email sources list in the software. Now, enter the login credentials of your Amazon WorkMail account.


Then, you will see the software starts analyzing the emails and loads them into the UI. Select the desired email folders.


From the saving options list, choose the Thunderbird option.

Next, the software will start transferring emails from the default location. However, if you want to change it, then browse the location.


Lastly, click on the backup button to begin the process. The task to move AWS data to Thunderbird is running on your computer screen.


Once this task completes, you will get a conversion completed message. Tap on OK to exit.

Best Functionalities of Software

Batch Migration-The Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird migration tool allows to perform batch processing for fast results. By migrating AWS WorkMail emails to Thunderbird in bulk, a user can save the lot of their time and efforts.

Preserves Email Properties- The AWS WorkMail to Thunderbird tool assures to keep intact all email properties throughout the conversion process. It maintains text formatting, hyperlinks, images, header information, attached files, etc.

Selective Migration-The Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird conversion tool provides data filter options that are useful for migrating some specific data. Users can selectively migrate AWS emails to Thunderbird as per date range, subject, email address, etc.

Useful for Admins- It is very helpful for the administrators since it offers a batch mode function. Users can bulk migrate multiple Amazon WorkMail accounts to Thunderbird with this.

Compatibility with Windows OS- The software has vast compatibility with all latest and prior versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

Ensures Complete Privacy- We provide solutions for the best interests of users. Hence, the software is designed keeping in the mind the privacy of user’s information. That’s why it never saves the account details or any other detail in the database of software.

General FAQs
Q: Does the software allow to export AWS WorkMail emails to Thunderbird along with attachments too?
A: Yes, it grants users to migrate Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird with respective attachments.Q: Do I need to have a Thunderbird account running on my computer to execute this migration process?A: No, the Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird migration tool is independent. Hence, you don’t need to install any external application or Thunderbird.

Q: Can I use this software on my Windows 8 PC?

A: Yes, why not! The tool runs on all Windows OS including Windows 8.

Bottom Line

Migrating Amazon WorkMail data to any other email account sounds difficult, but in reality it’s not that much hard. Users can easily implement this switching over of email platform within some mouse clicks. As we have described in the above blog regarding how to use Amazon WorkMail to Thunderbird migration software. So, now you must try it on your own and examine all its functions. Please take a free trial for evaluating the tool’s features. For further queries, do contact our support team.