Learn What is LOG file?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 2 Min Read

Overview of LOG Files

LOG File is a plain text file that is automatically generated which contains a log of certain events with their timestamps. It is created to keep track of all the system events or by a software installation program to list the names of the files installed and its location. All the events like user access or changes made in data are recorded to serve the purpose of an audit trail, diagnostic device, or security measure. Some common examples of logs are

  1. Web Server maintains log files listing every request made to the server by each user.
  2. A transaction log records all changes made to the Exchange database while using MS Exchange.
  3. An audit log records documentation of any activities that could have affected an event so that it can be used for audit purpose later if required.

Applications Supported

  • Windows : Microsoft Notepad and other text editor
  • Macintosh : Apple Console, Apple Text Edit and other text editor


The LOG file belongs to the category of Text File.


The MIME type of a LOG File is as follows:

  • text/x-log

File Signature

2A 2A 2A 20 20 49 6E 73 (ASCII)


The location of LOG file depends on the types of application the user is using and it is saved automatically at the storage path of the application.

Common Errors

LOG file errors may occur in following cases:

  1. Error opening installation LOG File – This error may occur when we try to uninstall any software in system. It happens if Windows Installer Logging is enabled, but the Windows Installer engine cannot write the uninstallation LOG File properly.
  2. Unable to change the location of LOG File – If the log file is in use or open in a system, you would not be able to move or delete that particular LOG File as it may affect the behavior of utilities like backup and disk defragmenters.
  3. Unable to open LOG File – If a LOG File is being used by some program or a system, you may not be able to open the file unless the utility you use opens the file in read-only mode.

The Bottom Line

The above-discussion makes easy for users to have the complete understanding about what is Log file in an efficient manner.