How to Import Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook, Outlook Web App, Office 365 ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Allocating, Gathering, and sharing email addresses is a typical method of adjusting work for everybody in a team. It tends to be somewhat difficult to handle without the assistance of an Excel spreadsheet. Notwithstanding, whenever you’ve gathered those email addresses and stored them in your Excel record. Then, how would you get them into any of your favorite email accounts? Today’s blog is dedicated to an effective approach about how to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook, Outlook Web App, Office 365.

Importing Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook: What are the Requirements ?

There are multiple scenarios that why it is important to import email addresses into Outlook. You may have an external list of essential contacts which you would like to store in your Outlook address book. If you have your own email addresses list in the form of an Excel spreadsheet then you must first store the list in a CSV file. After this, you can import email addresses from Excel to Outlook contact list

In the coming part of the blog, you will get to know how to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook, Outlook Web App, Office 365.

How to Import Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook and Office 365 ?

The people who are using MS Outlook newer versions can follow these guidelines to import their multiple email address lists from the Excel spreadsheet to Outlook contact list. Let’s start!

Step1- Firstly, open your Outlook account and go to the File tab.


Step 2- Then, select ‘Open & Export’ >> ‘Import/ Export’.


Step3- Thereafter, in the Import/ Export wizard, pick the ‘Import from another program or file’ option.


Step4- After this, in the ‘Import a File’ window, browse the correct email address CSV file.


Step 5- Before you hit on the Next button, you will be asked three variants: Replace duplicates with items imported, Allow duplicates to be created, Do not import duplicate items. Choose the option which best suits your needs.


Step 6- Now, you’ll be prompted to set up a destination folder. Pick the desired folder and click on the Next tab.


Step 7- Lastly, when you click on the Finish button, you’ll see the import of email addresses from Excel to Outlook.


Please Note:- If you utilize Microsoft’s subscription email client, Outlook 365, at that point, bringing in email addresses can be implemented through Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, or 2007 (desktop email client).

Firstly, in your Outlook email client, add your Office 365 email account. Simply go to the file and afterward hit on Add Account alternative and add your email account. Snap-on the finish button. Both Outlooks should then synchronize and you will locate your online messages and contacts open on the desktop email client.

You will at that point need to import your new contacts/ Excel file to the synchronized email account.

For this, follow the method as explained above from Step 1-7 and sign in to your Office 365 account. You’ll see that all of your email address list will be imported into Microsoft 365.

How to Import Email Addresses from Excel to Outlook Web App ?

Well, with the following method, you can also import email addresses from Excel to Outlook Web App.

Start by signing into your Outlook Web App. Now, click on the people icon at the bottom of the appeared page.


Then, go to the Manage tab and choose the ‘Import contacts’ option.


So, an import menu option opens up. Here, you can import your email address list. Select Outlook 2010, 2013, or 2016 option to import email addresses stored in the CSV file.


Next, tap on the Browse tab and choose a location where the resultant CSV file with the email address list is stored.


Finally, begin the import process by hitting on the ‘Import’ tab.


When this processing finishes, hit on the Close button. You will see the list of email addresses in your Outlook Web App address book.

What Benefits will you get from Automated Software ?

You can extract email addresses from more than 90 webmail sources to CSV files.

Users can take out email addresses from any label of any email account.

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An advanced selective backup mode feature is specifically for getting desired email addresses.

With this tool, you can batch import email addresses from Excel to Outlook account.

Users can save the output CSV file at any location on the computer.

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Frequently Asked Queries

Can I import email addresses from Excel to Office 365 with this software?

Yes, using this application, you can easily import email addresses from Excel to Outlook 365.

Does the utility facilitate to bulk import email addresses from Excel to Outlook Web App?

Yes, it will enable you to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook web access.

I am not a tech-savvy person. Can I still import email list from Excel to Outlook 2010?

Yes, since the software is very intuitive. So, there will no hassle regarding importing email addresses from Excel to Outlook email account.

Does the software have any trial version too?

Yes, it comes with a trial version which is absolutely free of cost. You can save pull 25 email addresses from each folder of webmail account.


Having the right software or application is very important for your work productivity. From the above article, we hope that now you know how to import email addresses from Excel to Outlook, Outlook Web App, Office 365. You just need to make a .csv file by using the suggested application and import them to your respective Outlook email service. If you come across any problem while using the software, feel free to contact our technical support team via live chat. That’s all for today!