How to Import DXL To Gmail Account? Step by Step Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Are you tired of searching for a solution to import DXL to Gmail? Well, we understand DXL file formats are very tough to support other email clients. In that case, we need can import our DXL file into Gmail, we will tell you how.

In this article, we will tell you the best way to upload DXL to Gmail and also provide the steps one by one that would make your importing process much easier and faster.

“Hello there, I have around 500+ DXL files that have important emails and contacts, and I want to import those data into my Gmail account. But I don’t know the right method where I can open those files or how can I open them into Gmail account. So, I am looking for a method of how can I import DXL to Gmail account to upload the complete data into my Google account. Could anyone suggest me the right way, because it’s very important to me?”

How to Upload Lotus Notes DXL Files to Gmail?

It might upset you, that there is no manual way to import DXL, so if you have a DXL file then you need to install Lotus Domino first in order to open, view or read it and no one chooses to install Domino because it can be a hassle. But yeah, Some professionals looked into this issue and found advanced ways.

There is several software that can help you to import DXL to Gmail. You just need to find the best one and begin importing. To help you out, We have already found the best software to ease your work.

Which is The Best Software To Import DXL To Gmail?

To upload Lotus Notes DXL to Gmail professionals always use BitRecover DXL Converter Wizard. The software works like a blessing to those who are searching to import DXL to Gmail. It is the most trustworthy tool specially built for DXL files. You can utilize this software to complete any task related to DXL.

This number-one solution has helped thousands of users import, convert, view, read, or open their DXL files without the installation of Lotus Domino. No software can be more effective than it is when it comes to DXL files; as said by the users.

The software is not only capable to import DXL into Gmail but also, to do much more tasks because of its extraordinary features. We will have a look at the features provided by the software.

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Advanced and Prime Features of the Software

Here we will discuss how the software has won the heart of industry professionals all over the world. Find the reasons for the given feature here:

  • Initially, we will talk about the security of this software provided to its users. The software’s topmost priority is to provide its users with advanced and enhanced security to safeguard users’ data with the highest technology and maintain users’ trust & reliability.
  • Secondly, The software is really unique in its own technology. It might surprise you that once you choose this software, it becomes a one-stop solution for your DXL files. Whether you want to Import DXL to Gmail with contacts, emails, calendars, etc.
  • Another uniqueness of this software is that it let you import and migrate DXL emails into a large number of cloud platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, Google Workplace, IBM Verse, Amazon Workmail and so many more just by needing your account credentials.
  • Next, If you have a preferred server and you are willing to migrate your DXL file into that server. Then be happy, because the software also supports a large number of email servers such as Exchange Server, Zimbra Server, IMAP Server, etc.

So, we have already discussed some of the unique features of this software. But remember! These are not limited; The software is an ocean of amazing features because it cares about the user’s reliability a lot. If you want to learn more about it, visit the link given above. Now let’s explore the steps to upload HCL Notes DXL into Gmail.

Step to Import DXL to Gmail Using the Advanced Tool

After learning all about the software, it is time to follow the steps to start importing:

  1. Go above the article, and give a hit on the software’s link to download and install it.
  2. After installation, open and read the instruction which will display on the screen automatically.

    Import DXL In Gmail

  3. You will find a few tabs containing Select Files and Select Folder options. In case you want to open the whole folder, click on the folder option or if you want to open just a single file, click on the File button.

    open just a single file

  4. After you choose your file, check, or uncheck the required ones and hit the Next icon.

    choose your file

  5. Go to saving options, and choose Gmail From the saving list.

    Go to saving options

  6. Apply the advanced filter option to upload specific data from DXL file by click on the Filter Options tab.

    Apply the advanced filter

  7. If you want to map the folders into different language, then you can enable the Change Language Option and select required language.

    different language

  8. Now provide your login credentials into the software and choose the desired location.

    provide your login credentials

  9. Click on the Next button to start the process to import DXL to Gmail account.

    import DXL to Gmail account

After the completion of Importing process go to your Gmail account and preview your imported DXL mailbox.

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In the above article, we have provided you with the best solution to import DXL to Gmail. After a lot of research, we chose the above software from the multiple available in the market. Because there is no manual method available to upload DXL to Gmail account. We have chosen this tool because it has multiple advanced features. So, download and import your DXL files today.