How to Import Contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Summary: Do you need to import contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud account? If so, you’ll find the right way to do this task right here.

Let’s begin this article with a recent user question that our support staff received:

“Hello, I’ve been attempting to transfer contacts from Thunderbird to my iCloud account for a few days. I attempted to execute this procedure manually. I exported my contacts from my Thunderbird account and obtained several CSV files. Importing many CSV files into an iCloud account appears to be a difficult task. Can you please offer a method for bulk importing Thunderbird contacts to iCloud?”

To import contacts from Thunderbird to an iCloud account, people have varying concerns. How about yours? Regardless of your worry, this article will show you how to complete this activity in the most efficient manner.

The solution to Import Contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud Accounts

There are two steps required to complete this task. To convert your contacts to a single vCard format, you must first use expert software such as Thunderbird Converter Wizard. You may then import them into your iCloud account. So, let’s start resolving the task.

Phase 1 – Use Professional Software to Export Contacts

Our solution is completely free from any type of risk. It offers so many advanced features. With this app, you can export your Thunderbird contacts to a single vCard format in easy steps.

Firstly, download the program on your Windows-compatible machine.

Download for Windows

Then, run the tool and read all the instructions, and click on the Next button.


Now, from the option I want to convert my Thunderbird Data, you should choose Contacts and Calendars.

choose contacts from Thunderbird profile

Then, this application will auto-load your contacts on the left panel from your Thunderbird profile. Check the required contacts and click on Next button.

Select Desired folder to import contacts from thunderbird to icloud

Now, choose vCard as file saving option.


Choose the destination where you want to get your vCard file and click on the Next button.


This software will start converting your contacts from the Thunderbird account to the vCard format. It will take only a few moments.

Once you got the completion message, please check the destination folder.

Note: Due to the fact that the program runs on Windows. It is only compatible with computers running Windows. When the software has finished converting all of your contacts into vCard format, you will be able to import them onto your Mac computer to access into iCloud account.

Phase 2 – Import Contacts into iCloud Account

Run your iCloud account and choose Contacts.


Select the Import vCard option by clicking the Gear symbol at the bottom left of the page and selecting the Import vCard option.

choose the import option to transfer thunderbird contacts to icloud

To import vCard to iCloud, navigate to the location where the desired vCard file is stored, select it, and click the Open button.


Following that, iCloud will have your VCF Contacts correctly imported into it.

Your query “how to import contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud account” was successfully resolved.

Look At The Eye-Catching Features of the Suggested Expert Software

  • Import All Contacts into Single File: It is simple to create a single vCard file including all Thunderbird contacts. Then, importing them into iCloud becomes incredibly simple, saving time and effort.
  • Provides Dual Mode Feature: As we mention the software load data from configured Thunderbird profile. But, if you have exported Thunderbird contacts on your machine, then you can take the help of dual mode. It will allow you to load contacts manually from your system and convert them into vCard.
  • Offer Selective Conversion: This remarkable program is compatible with all user types. If you need to import chosen Thunderbird contacts to your iCloud account, you may do it using this program. The app enables you to see the files or folders that require conversion.
  • Choose Required Destination Path: It is the most effective program for importing contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud. The program enables the user to select the desired location. By selecting the place, the output may be delivered to that location. It will facilitate access to and management of your output files.
  • Supports Unlimited Conversion: This software supports the limitless conversion of your Thunderbird contacts. Using it, you can import unlimited contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud accounts in easy steps.

The Abstract  

In today’s technical blog, we have covered how to import contacts from Thunderbird to iCloud query. Using the mentioned solution, one can easily import Thunderbird contacts in easy steps. Also, the software we provided is completely safe and reliable. One can easily use it without facing any type of hassle.