How to View DVR Hard Drive in PC – Connect DVR Hard Disk to Computer / Laptop

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

DVR hard drives are used to record and store surveillance footage digitally captured from CCTV Cameras. DVRs can also be accessed by computers on the same network and many people are not aware of that how to use a DVR hard drive on a PC. or how to view a DVR hard drive in PC

In this blog, we will get to know about how to view a DVR hard drive on a PC and its use as well.

Data saved in CCTV video footages are key to investigation and they are kept in hard drives, Memory Cards, etc. Sometimes, these crucial videos get lost due to some human errors, technical faults, natural calamities, water, or fire. If users don’t have a backup or an extra copy of that lost DVR videos or images. They can still recover that data can be recovered by using the software.

How to use a DVR hard drive on a computer?

A DVR (digital video recorder) contains a hard drive for storing its video. The hard drive, which is physically similar to those drives, is found in desktop computers. It is formatted specifically to use with a DVR. To use a DVR’s hard drive in a computer, we have to connect the drive to a computer to enable the computer’s operating system to view DVR hard drive in PC.

How to connect the computer with a DVR hard drive?

A DVR contains a hard drive for storing and recording video. The hard drive, while physically similar to those found in desktop computers, is formatted specifically for use with a DVR.

To use a DVR’s hard drive on a computer, we need to connect the drive to a computer system. To enable the computer’s operating system to access it to view DVR hard drive in PC.

  • If it’s a Windows Supported File System on DVR Hard Drive or Memory Card, you can easily view the same video clips saved in the same DVR HDD
  • If it’s a Linux-supported File System on DVR, then it will prompt you to Format Same Drive. So choose not to Format Same and you need to take the help of sophisticated software or expert services of ours to read the underlying file system.

Now, how do choose the right DVR system?

While there’s no doubt that DVR systems are highly efficient, finding the right DVR box is important. It is essential to ensure that the user will meet all his security requirements. Some DVR supports Windows and some support Linux. We have to make sure that we should use the right DVR else it will not work on PC. For this, they must consult a professional.

The most important things to a security camera system are the hard drive, the device in which security footage is stored. It allows a user to access the recorded video from their security cameras. Whether it be by accessing a DVR or NVR directly using a monitor or mouse, or accessing the DVR/NVR remotely over the internet to view the DVR hard drive in PC.

After viewing the DVR hard drive on a PC sometimes the user may not be able to get all the data. In that case they need to recover that data. DVR data recovery is challenging and requires technical expertise to restore deleted videos and images. With maintaining the original quality of the video. Users can easily recover lost videos/footages by using professional DVR data recovery software as well.

Our professional team has expertise in recovering simple as well as complex data loss scenarios such as accidental deletion, crash, formatting, physically damaged, burnt, and more of DVR.

Bottom line

By using proper techniques and following the methods used can use a DVR hard drive in a PC. After that, it is easy for them to access the DVR on a computer without facing any hassle.