“Hard Drive Short DST Check Failed” – Fixed by BitRecover

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Most of the times when your hard disk DST short test failed due to an error 2000, 0141, 0142, and 1046 on your laptop or PC.

Know what Hard Drive Short DST Check is?

DST means Disk Self-Test. There are two diverse kind of disk self-test for your hard drive that can undergo. One test is a long Disk Self Test or you can say that long DST. T another one is short Disk Self Test or you can say short DST. These tests are both the process hard drive that can make itself undergo to gauge its presentation as well as its health.

Your hard drives can talk as long as you know how to listen them!

When your hard drive turns a short DST, it rapidly takes a stock of its numerous components. The short DST focuses on major components like as ROM, platters, read/write heads, control board, and motor.

It scripts that these modules all function within a suitable limits and offers a warning message if any of them fails. This procedure only takes a few moments at the time when you use your hard drive.


Let us start to know how the DST short-test failure appears like:

“Few days back, my laptop was working very slowly. So, I planned to reset it but it failed. When I turned it on again, it shows me a logo then, displayed a black screen along with a cursor. After that, it directed me to diagnostic. When I checked, Hard Drive Short DST Check Failed. I dis a diagnostic on my drive but it was not properly booting and I got an error 0142, error code 2000-0142, hard drive0- self test unsuccessful. Status 79. Even, I have a screenshot for the same.”

Hard Drive Short Disk Self-Test error

When your DST short test failure message comes up then, your system will start malfunctioning in mentioned ways:

  • The system stops working and all things turn into oddly sluggish.
  • Machines keep on restarting and drive light flashes spasmodically.
  • System hard drive will not boot with blank screen viewing up.


You can only take bad results from DST short test has signalled. Since it failed to test the health of hard drives, your hard disk appears to spread the end of its life. It’s time to analyse as well as repair the hardware problems, or, even eviler, replace the hard drive that is failing or even failed.

If you are worried for your data and want to retrieve it from the damaged hard drive? Then, just try BitRecover Data Recovery Software.

How can I fix Hard Drive DST Short Test?

If hard drive be contingent on its heads, control board, platters, and motor to purpose. Unfortunately, if anyone of components fails to spells doom for hard drive. Then, there is no any way to fix these components by own.

Yet, you might get hard disk short DST failed error for the alternative, other reason. It has to do with the proper connection between your hard drive and your machine.

If SATA or even IDE cable connecting of the hard drive to your motherboard originates loose or destroys, it could even result in performance problems. Since the data fails to flow to and from your hard drive. Regulating or changing cable may fix hard disk short DST error.

When you encounter a hard disk short DST failed error message, pay close attention to your hard disk drive’s behavior.

If you notice that drive failing to spin up, or even it comes up with some strange noises such as beeping or clicking, directly unplug it. This performance shows severe disk failure.

How can I fix hard drive bad sectors?

There is a software Data Recovery Wizard by BitRecover. The application is the simplest means of getting rid of it. Being a highly equipped tool it not only provides a versatile recovery but with user-friendly Interface, ease of process is also guaranteed. Once you are strong-minded to retrieve Windows hard drive data securely, get an application right away.

With trial edition help you get knowhow regarding the software’s working. But it has few limitations as part of the demo process will be put up that will later be removed on purchase of licensed edition of the software.

The tool has been designed with a wide range of features, which provides users with the ability of carrying smoothly precise and safe repair process.

  • You can get infinite number of data files successfully recovered using reasonably priced tool.
  • Recovery of data going to any kind of source such as system hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, memory stick, memory card, etc. can be performed using capably built tool as it maintenances the same.
  • Users are even given an opportunity of remove data corruption matters surfaced because of reason like crash of hard drive, malware intrusion, damaged sector, formatting, etc.
  • Even though the solution is programmed with technical integrations, accessible it is possible for both the technical and non-technical users without pending across any sort of difficulties in the respective process.
  • Getting rid of data unreachability caused by the corruption of files or even partition, accidental formatting or connected device, deletion of data from the choosy folder, etc. is unconditionally possible to be done using the tool to retrieve Windows data.

Finally! I must say that accidents can happen or if you run in trouble then, you can count to BitRecover to give you expert, secure, professional data recovery solution.