What is the Plus Codes Feature in Google Maps?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Google has never failed to surprise us by using technology to make life simpler. Once more, the tech giant has made no exceptions and came forward with a new set of futuristic announcements this year. Google has introduced new features to Google Maps platforms.

We all understand that it is too challenging to search for an address in India whether it a food delivery person or a cab driver. They all face problems while searching a destination address.

Google is observing to resolve these matters and announced three new features to Google Maps platform. Out of which, the major one is the Plus Codes feature. It is an open source solution that presents a simple and consistent addressing system, which works across India as well as globally. The Plus Codes system is completely based on the dividing geographical surface of Earth into the tiny ‘tiled areas’, ascribing an exclusive code for each of them. This code only comprises a format ‘6-character + City’, which can be made, shared and searched by anybody that is all needed is Google Maps on the smartphone.

How Does It work on Google Maps?

An open source nature of the Plus Codes states that all applications, which uses location services can imply integrate it on their platforms for completely free. Each customer can utilize a Plus Code by just entering it into Search field on the Google or Google Maps, smartphones, or desktop. After entering Plus Code, users will be shown their location instantly.

Plus Codes can be utilized for wide range of reasons plus communicating the venue of the provisional event, providing an identifiable location for complicated addresses, and guiding emergency services to the specified locations.

Secondly, Google has also introduced an ‘Add an Address’ feature that is a step meant at easing precise and simple searching on Maps. With this feature, any user can pay to Maps experience from the Google Maps application. Similarly, to the adding businesses, users can also submit new as well as missing addresses via this feature, and post the verification by the Google, address will come to be searchable. Moreover, yes, users do acquire points of Local Guides to each legal submission on the platform.

Alongside, that Google rolled out the Smart Address Search that gives the best approximation of location of an address, in belongings when people are not alert of exact address.

Thirdly, Google has introduced a voice navigation in the six additional Indian languages- Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu Bengali, Gujarati, and Tamil alongside Hindi. For any unknown, Google hosted voice navigation in Hindi, three years back, which was an instant hit.

Final Words

Even the Google also stated that it is considering building the new features and increasing partnerships to make Google Maps better experience.  Therefore, just get ready for more and feel free to share your knowledge with us if you know more about Google Plus Codes in India.