How to Get Back My Hacked Gmail Account – What Should I Do?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Don’t lose hope if your personal email account is hacked by someone. The Personal email account is something which when gets hacked; pulls out all your private information. So, stay with this blog to get back hacked Gmail Account.

You are at big risk if all your private information is known to others.  Though, you might have taken all the safety measures certain acts cannot be controlled. The hackers are smart enough to get into your account and use the information. So, don’t get upset and get back your hacked account just in a simple way!

Account Hacking: Meaning

It is actually a process in which an unofficial person hack your password for misusing your email account to access your private information or to post scrap email to others. Although it is very difficult to hack someone’s email account, it is actually not difficult for hackers to do it because they use various techniques.

Using Malware

    • This software can dislocate your computer process & may attain important information.
    • It can even get access to personal computer systems.
    • It can enter into your computer if you install any program from the Internet.

Being violent on Internet Sites

    • We know that it is not easy to assault on Internet sites, but with good safety knowledge, it becomes very easy for hackers to smash into the Internet sites and take your account details from there.


    • A process of collecting personal & financial details of an online account holder where the hackers send scam emails to email account holders on behalf of reliable websites.


How to Get Back Hacked Gmail Account?

It is very easy to prevent email hacking. You just need to follow these simple steps & you can get back your email account safely.

  1. Scanning your PC: The scanning process for your PC can only be done by an efficient Antivirus program. You are just required to scan your system using the Antivirus program that is installed on your computer. If you don’t have any Antivirus programs, you can have many of them available online.
  2. Reset/Change your password: Once the scanning part is done, sign in to your email account and immediately change your password. Also, if getting problem signing in then, try to reset your password in this way:
      1. Always allocate a fresh new password for each email account.
      2. Always change your passwords in the usual way.
      3. If possible, try to use phrases in your passwords because they are not easily judged by others.
      4. Try not to use difficult phrases. These should be easy to remember for yourself.

As soon as you complete resetting your password, go to your account settings and reset them as well. Resetting of email account is done because, when your account gets hacked, then, the previous account settings get all clear and some other things get removed. So, to reset your account settings just follow these simple steps:

  1. Firstly, log in to your email Gmail account.
  2. After logging in, click on the Gear button and then on Options.
  3. After clicking on Options, choose the settings to reset them.
  4. Whatever details are being asked there, just answer those details and click on the Save button.


In this manner, you can easily restore all your deleted accounts and mail. Also, when your email account gets hacked all the mail that is deleted is actually stored in a safe place. You do not have to worry anymore. You can try out these simple tricks and get a solution for your hacked account.

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