Free Method to Switch from iOS to Android

Mark Regan | December 19th, 2016 | Technology Overview

With an increasing range of attractive and useful features as well as storage capacitance, smart phones have become ubiquitous. They save a vast amount of information about those who own them. Just as these devices have become important part of our lifestyle, they prove to be the source of management of information as well as a way to be in contact with others. Some of these smartphones run Apple’s iOS and are famous by the name iPhone. Whereas others are Google’s Android.

Nowadays, most of the users need to switch from iOS to Android devices due the various updated features in Android’s latest version, i.e. Android 7, Nougat. However, the main challenge that arises in front of them is how to switch from iOS to Android OS. As switching from one operating system to another is not a Child’s play because both the OS are of completely different. In this blog, we will discuss a way to overcome from this challenge. By the end of the write-up, you will be well acquainted with the procedure to perform the data switching from one to another OS.


  • Phone must be on Wi-Fi network
  • Valid Gmail ID is required
  • Disable lock screen feature from iPhone

Methodology to Move to Android

In this technological arena, Google has blessed us by offering various beneficial services. Even now, it has made simpler for iPhone users to move to Android by adding a beneficial feature to the Google Drive app for iOS. It makes easy for Apple users to store all their data in this one application. There are some basic steps, which they need to follow for switching their crucial data by using Google Drive.

Step 1: Install Google Drive application on your iPhone from the App store. If it is already installed then, update it to the latest edition.


Step 2: Once the application is downloaded, open it on your iPhone and click on sign in option.


Step 3: After sign in enter your Gmail credentials and click on next option.


Step 4:  Now, go to menu option, which is there at right top of the screen and select the settings option.


Step 5: Now, click on the backup option to backup all your iPhone data to Google Drive.


Step 6: To continue to backup iPhone contacts, calendars, photos and videos, click on an option to start backup. If anything that you do not want to backup then, you can simply off it.

Step 7: Once the backup is started, the progress report will be displayed on the screen.


Step 8: After the completion of backup, a message will be displayed on the screen. Click on done option to exist.


Note: While performing the backup do not exit or switch to another application otherwise the process will be stopped.

Access iPhone data in Android Phone

Once the data is stored in your Google Drive now, access your Google Drive on your Android phone with the same Gmail account. Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1: After signing in from the same Gmail ID in Google Drive, go to the menu option, which is there at top right corner. Select the drop down button.

my drive login

Step 2: Now, select the manage account option.

manage account

Step 3: After that, enable the sync option.

enable the sync

Once the sync option is enabled, all your iPhone data, which is stored on Google Drive, will be automatically synchronize on your Android phone.


Smartphone is the most valuable device at present to manage all your data. After switching from iOS to Android, users need to access all their data there only. After understanding this, we have discussed an efficient way to switch from iOS to Android. If there is some issue, then, feel free to put a comment below, the matter will further be looked by the experts.