How to Fix USB Problem Code 43 ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Observe How to Fix USB Problem Code 43

One of the most frequently occurring errors when a USB drive is plugged in a system is the Error Code 43. The error is encountered when the Windows operating system installed in your system does not recognize the USB drive that you have put in the USB slot. Whenever, the USB device goes undetected due to driver inefficiency, following error message is displayed

error code 43

Reason Behind Occurrence Of Error Code 43

The major reason behind this error is the failure of the USB device from being detected by the Windows operating system. In addition, the absence of the drive of the USB device, corruption in the device and the device belonging to an outdated version are other reasons that contribute to the occurrence of this error.

The drivers of the devices may get corrupted over a period of time thus leading to Error Code 43. Sometimes, when a user uninstalls some software or plugs-out a hardware device from the system, abrupt changes can be made in the registry. These changes may ultimately lead to alterations in the USB driver communication.

How To Fix USB Problem Code 43 ?

The solution, which works mostly in the case of Error 43, is updating the USB device drivers. The drivers can be manually updated with the help of the following procedure:

  1. The first step is to uninstall the current USB device driver installed in your system.
  • Click on Start and select Run
  • In the Run box type sysdm.cpl and press Enter.
  • In System Properties dialog box, click on the Hardware tab.
  • Select Device Type and double-click on it.
  • In the Driver tab, click Uninstall for uninstalling the driver.
  1. Find the correct driver for your system. Visit a website of the manufacturer and then select the drive for your system.
  2. Download the selected driver from the website and save it in your system. The drivers are most likely to be saved in a .zip file or a .exe file.
  3. Install the driver by clicking on the .exe file or by extracting the file from the .zip file.

The new driver installed should work in a proper manner after installing. If the device is still showing USB Problem Code 43, then there is a strong probability that the device has gone corrupted and needs a replacement.

The above procedure of fixing USB problem code 43 should be carried out if you have fine technical knowledge. This is because any issues occurring in this process may lead to corruption of data residing in the USB drive. In the worst case scenario, if you also face the same issue, then the data lost from the USB drive can be recovered with the help of a third party tool. One such tool is Pen drive Recovery. It effectively recovers the lost data from the pen drive and saves it in a healthy format in the system.      Moreover, it provides various inbuilt functionalities that make easy for users to perform the recovery of data.


Error detection in the device is the most tensed situation for almost all users. Most of the times, the error is detected due to which they face an issue. Out of which one such error is USB Problem Code 43. In the above discussion, we have discussed the way to resolve an error.