Facebook is Now Scanning All Photos and Links Shared on Messenger- Know Why

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 3 Min Read

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc., has made it possible for interacting with our friends and relative those are far apart, but still they are at high  risk. The hackers can get into our account, take the information, and misuse it in our names. Now days many criminal activities are taking place on the cyberspace and especially in social media. Facebook is the most common and soft targets of such offenders for misusing photos, hacking of accounts, identity theft, etc., resulting in making the security of data shared on social media a major concern.

Facebook is a renowned social media for interacting with friends that has introduced a move towards enhancing its security. For this, Facebook is now scanning all the photos as well as links shared on Facebook messenger. Not only this, it also reads chats when they are flagged to the moderators, making assurance that the content accepts by the organization’s rule. If it is against the rules then, it will get block or even taken down. Read on, to know in details about the latest Facebook messenger data-scanning feature.

Reason Behind the New Security

The company inveterate the practice after the interview published earlier this week with Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg raised up questions about the Messenger’s practices and privacy.

Zuckerberg said Vox’s Ezra Klein a story about getting a phone call associated to ethnic cleansing in Myanmar. Facebook had seen individuals annoying to send unexpected messages via Messenger app, he said.

“In that case, our systems detects what is going on,” Zuckerberg said. “We immediately stop all those posts from going through.”

This was the main reason due to which there is a need to come up with a scanning of all photos and links shared on Facebook Messenger.

How it Works?

Facebook said it utilizes the similar automated applications to scan the whole conversations as it does for monitoring the public portion of social network. After that, the team moves in, when it alerts to something out of an ordinary or even clear violation.
Messenger users have an option to permit encrypted messaging, but this security feature is not turned on by default.

In Summation

The Facebook organization updated its all data policy and offered new terms of service to clarify that the Messenger and Instagram utilize the similar rules as Facebook.

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