How to Export Thunderbird to HTML Format to View Emails in Browser ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 11th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


Are you looking for a method to export Thunderbird to HTML so as to view EML messages of Thunderbird in different web browsers? This blog is dedicated to all the readers who wish to have an instant solution to change Thunderbird email to HTML formatting.

Hello there,

I have been using Mozilla Thunderbird as the mail email client for a while now. One of my projects deals with web designing in which I have to utilize the data present in emails into several web pages for my clients. So, for completing this assignment, I intend to change some of my Thunderbird MBOX email messages in HTML format so that I can use them for templates. I started my research on finding the solution who was having the same problem as I do. After playing around with a lot of searches, I have figured out how to fix it: by converting Thunderbird emails to HTML code. Then, I manually tried to change Thunderbird messages to HTML code. Here’s the attached screenshot.


But again, I got frustrated because the metadata like Subject, CC, BCC were missing. What to do now? I precisely want to export Thunderbird to HTML so that I can customize my messages with fonts, colors, word processing options of my choice. Is there any available automatic solution for changing the Thunderbird mailing list thread (having 350+ mails) to HTML? If yes, then please suggest! It would be great if the Thunderbird export be well readable, formatted and email attributes remain the same. I use Windows 10 OS if that matters. Eagerly waiting for your response!!

Approach 1: Thunderbird Export Email to HTML by Saving Messages Individually

Thunderbird provides a native option to convert Thunderbird messages in various formats including the HTML format. Here are the steps involved in this conversion-

  • Open Thunderbird and right-click on email to open in HTML
  • Choose Save as an option after which a Save Message As window appears


  • Here, set the Save as type as HTML format
  • Hit on the Save tab to export Thunderbird to HTML code


  • Open Thunderbird messages in a web browser by following these steps-
  • Navigate to the saving path and right-click on the email
  • Choose open with and tap on any browser (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox) to read the Thunderbird message


Constraints of this approach: This method is clearly very easy but is suitable to export Thunderbird to HTML for only 10-20 emails. If you have a long list of emails in Thunderbird mailboxes then this technique is quite lengthy and hard to perform.

Approach 2: Convert Thunderbird to HTML by Saving Entire Folder as HTML

This method is helpful when you have ImportExportTools NG Add-on. With the help of which you can change the entire Thunderbird email folder in HTML formatting. Read the steps given below-

  • Open Thunderbird and install ImportExportTools NG Add-on


  • Choose the desired mailbox which you want to export in HTML
  • Navigate to Menu and choose Tools>> ImportExportTools
  • Select Export all messages in the folder>> HTML


  • Browse a saving location and choose the desired folder


  • Thus, in this way you can easily convert Thunderbird to HTML
  • Again, you can open the output HTML email by hitting a right-click on it
Constraints of this method: However, this technique is best in the case of bulk conversion of Thunderbird EML files to HTML format. But, it fails in cases wherein you need to filter selective emails, save messages with different naming patterns, retain metadata details, preserve data integrity.

All-rounder BitRecover Solution- Switch Thunderbird to HTML Conveniently

The limitations of manual tips for converting Thunderbird emails to HTML calls for a more professional solution. Hence, we have come up with an effective and best solution to switch from Thunderbird to HTML format- BitRecover Thunderbird converter. It is a completely error-free solution that gives the convenience of exporting data from Mozilla Thunderbird into various file extensions one of which is HTML too.

Some useful functions and advantages which you will get from our tool-

  1. You can change Thunderbird to HTML from any of the email files likes *.mbox, *.mbs, *.mbx.
  2. Users can select a single file or an entire Thunderbird profile folder for the conversion.
  3. The Thunderbird to HTML converter also facilitates converting configured Thunderbird mailbox data into HTML.
  4. Along with emails, this utility also migrates attachments in HTML file extension.
  5. During the export of Thunderbird emails to HTML, it will preserve the metadata, attachments, images, etc.
  6. It also provides various file naming conventions so that the users can easily save the output.
  7. There is no need for any additional app installation to migrate data.
  8. Thunderbird to HTML converter is compatible with the latest Windows and Mac machines.

Steps to Convert Thunderbird Email to HTML Code

Follow the steps given below to export Thunderbird to HTML-

  • Download & launch the Thunderbird to HTML converter on your machine.

Download for Windows     Download for Mac

  • Now, choose Thunderbird data using the manual or automated option.

  • Then, choose any folder which you need to select for conversion.

  • Select HTML as a saving option from the toolkit.

  • Browse a specific location and file name to save the output.


  • Lastly, start the process to convert Thunderbird to HTML format.


Thus, with the help of Thunderbird to HTML converter tool, you can easily execute this conversion.

What Gains you can enjoy after the Thunderbird to HTML Conversion ?

After using the manual or automated steps to export Thunderbird email to HTML, you can get benefitted in many ways-

  1. Firstly, you can open the Thunderbird to HTML converted data in any of your favorite web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.
  2. Then, even if you are working in offline mode the HTML files will be useful.
  3. One can open the exported Thunderbird emails in HTML format in various text editors.
  4. It is very easy to open the HTML files whereas for many file extensions you will require an external application.
  5. The HTML format is very advantageous for web designers and IT people.

Over to you

These were the steps needed to change Thunderbird email messages in HTML format. If you also want to go forward with this conversion but don’t know where to begin from then this blog will give you a start. Also, you can try the free trial for checking the proficiency of software. We hope that you liked this article and now can easily export Thunderbird to HTML without any hassle.