How To Export IncrediMail to MBOX ? – Easy Guide For IncrediMail XE, 2.0, 2.5 Versions

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 7 Min Read


IncrediMail is a rich-featured email client useful for sharing email messages. This creative program can manage emails, chats, feeds, news, and much more emailing information. IncrediMail is well suitable for animation effects, sound, a preview of multimedia attachments, letters, e-card editings, etc. For storing email data, .imm and .iml are the file extensions for IncrediMail email client. Whereas, it supports .db3 file extension for handling address book contacts. Though IncrediMail is a good and creative email app that has been recognized worldwide for its smart features. But, still, there are numerous users who wish to convert IncrediMail to MBOX files. You can clearly get an idea from the following query about the growing demands to export emails from IncrediMail to MBOX files.

I use multiple email clients and email services for managing my professional emailing chores. Actually, I use IncrediMail email client to manage emails at my office but now, due to job change, I want all these emails into webmail. Since I have already a Gmail account too so, I thought to save IncrediMail messages to MBOX files. But for that email migration, I need to export IncrediMail to MBOX files. Can you please suggest a workable solution for the same. Thanks in advance!
-Smith, USA

You must have certainly understood from the above user-query that to transfer IncrediMail data to MBOX format could be really necessary. May be for job replacement, or you are changing email applications. Whatsoever be the reason, to export IncrediMail to MBOX is an achievable task. Let’s see in simple steps how to save IncrediMail emails to MBOX file.
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How To Export IncrediMail to MBOX ?

Follow these steps to transfer emails from IncrediMail to MBOX format:

  • Step1: Run IncrediMail Converter on Windows OS.
  • Step2: Import .imm and .iml files into GUI with dual selection options.
  • Step3: Pick MBOX as a file saving option and pick a target saving path.
  • Step4: Hit on the Next tab to convert messages from IncrediMail to MBOX.
  • Step5: IncrediMail to MBOX conversion running successfully.

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Learn In Easy Steps To Save IncrediMail Data to MBOX Files With Attachments

IncrediMail has basically three versions: IncrediMail XE, IncrediMail 2.0, IncrediMail 2.5. The supporting file formats in IncrediMail XE and IncrediMail 2.0 is IMM. Hence, to export IncrediMail emails to MBOX, you can choose any of IncrediMail version supportable files.

Firstly, download the setup file of the software and install it on any Windows machine.

run software

Now, the software provides dual ways to pick .imm and .iml files into the software panel. Choose either from Select Files or Select Folder option to import single or multiple IncrediMail data for migration.

choose incredimail files

Then, enable those checkboxes whose files you want to export into MBOX files.


From the various file saving options provided in GUI, choose the MBOX file saving option.


Now, enter a location where you want to save the IncrediMail to MBOX exported messages.


Lastly, hit on the OK button to start to export IncrediMail to MBOX files. Once the files are converted, it will show a live-saving log report having conversion details.


Done! These simple steps will lead you to convert IncrediMail to MBOX files in few mouse clicks.

Why Choose IncrediMail 2.5 Conversion Application Over Other Utilities?

There are hundreds of applications that are prevalent in the online market to export IncrediMail to MBOX files. But, you can’t trust any random utility for exporting email messages from IncrediMail to MBOX. This is because your data may be crucial that could contain some sensitive information. Therefore, a reliable utility to save IncrediMail messages to MBOX is what you need. The recommended conversion utility is entirely free from any bugs or errors. It is a 100% proven expert solution that can convert IncrediMail to MBOX format. Not only emails, but this wizard is also proficient enough to migrate IncrediMail data to MBOX files with all corresponding attachments. No matter what version of IncrediMail email client you are working on, it will convert all IncrediMail messages to MBOX. The individuals who are looking to transfer IncrediMail to MBOX in batch can also use this tool.

Prime Features Of Software

Automatically loads IncrediMail data: For choosing.imm or .iml files to export IncrediMail to MBOX files, the tool automatically detects the data to import into the panel.

Provides option for converting only desired mailboxes: The software will give you an option to enable only those email mailboxes whose data you want to select to convert IncrediMail to MBOX.

Convert IncrediMail messages to MBOX supportable email clients: Once you have accomplished to save IncrediMail to MBOX. Then, the files will be compatible with all MBOX email clients like Thunderbird, Apple Mail, Eudora, Evolution, Spicebird, Entourage.

Language Changing option: After choosing saving options, you can choose the desired language option: Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italy.

Freedom to select the desired saving path: Once you have exported email messages from IncrediMail to MBOX files, now, you can save it on any location as per your choice.

Live conversion of IncrediMail to MBOX: This software will give a live conversion status showing the number of emails that are being converted into MBOX format.

Saving the log report for accuracy: After the conversion, you can check the saving log report that will give you a preview about all the IncrediMail to MBOX converted data.

100% accurate results: This tool to convert IncrediMail emails to MBOX, this wizard will offer an instant conversion speed with complete accuracy.

Preserves email components: The software will maintain the email attributes throughout the process to export IncrediMail to MBOX.

Some Frequently Asked Queries

Ques1: Can I export IncrediMail data to MBOX files in batch with this software?

Ans: Yes, indeed! This application offers dual file selection options. You can even choose the Select folder option to import multiple .imm and .iml IncrediMail files for the quick conversion process.

Ques2: Does the software has any file limitations?

Ans: No, there are no file restrictions. The users can convert multiple IncrediMail emails to MBOX in single processing.

Ques3: Is this application a Windows-compatible tool for exporting emails from IncrediMail to MBOX?

Ans: Yes, you can convert IncrediMail to MBOX on any Windows OS. It supports Windows (10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista), Windows Server (2019, 2016, 2012, 2008).

Evaluate The Tool With Free Demo Version

If you just want to check the software’s proficiency and how much it is compatible, you can download the free demo version. You can download and install the application from the official website. It will enable you to convert 25 emails from each IncrediMail folder to MBOX format or other supportable file formats. Once you are completely satisfied with the tool’s performance, you can activate its licensed key. In this way, you can enjoy unlimited migration of emails from IncrediMail to MBOX.
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Summing Up Together

This article describes an easy to understand solution for converting messages from IncrediMail to MBOX. This wizard will export all sorts of data from IncrediMail into MBOX files. Being a user-friendly application can be utilized by any user whether from the technical domain or a novice user. If you still have doubts in regards to exporting emails from IncrediMail to MBOX. You can contact our technical support team available for you 24*7.

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