Know How to Perform Drobo Data Recovery Efficiently

Rollins Duke   
Published: April 15th, 2023 • 3 Min Read

Data plays a significant role in almost all the fields. Every user manages their work on various devices. However, many times, there is a situation arises in front of users due to which they lost their data. Out of which one such is Drobo.
Drobo is basically a sequence of multiple-disk devices that feature a very broad range of capacity, ranging from 1 TB to up to as large as 40 TB, using mainly from four to twelve disk bays. In the following write-up, we will focus on the way to perform Drobo data recovery.

Quick Glance on Drobo

The Drobo devices mainly consist of both of the two types of storages- DAS (Direct Attached Storage) and NAS (Network Attached Storage). Inside the Drobo devices, the disks are usually formulated into a RAID. Drobo makes use of non-standard algorithms, which are termed as BeyondRAID™. It allows the user for using the disks of multiple sizes in an array and greater fault tolerance capacity. Moreover, BeyondRAID™ also helps in dynamically expanding the storage, which is done by replacing the smaller-sized disks with the larger-sized ones.

Reasons of Drobo Data Loss

There are various reasons due to which Drobo data gets lost. Once the data is lost it creates a hurdle to maintain the continuity of work. Some of the reasons of data loss are:

  • Firmware failure
  • Hardware failure
  • User error like NAS re-configuration
  • Hard disk failure
  • SSD failure
  • Power issues
  • Disconnection while a firmware update

Now, a big question arises what to do if the data is lost? How to recover Drobo data in its original form?

Trouble-free Way to Recover Drobo Data

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Drobo devices give typical sorts of redundancies. In addition, many separate configurations are also supported in Drobo for matching with the requirements of different clients. This availability has made these Drobo devices very popular and the first choice of many small sized workplaces as well as home-computing networks. Data losses are the rarest scenarios with these Data Robotics (Drobo) devices, as their built-in redundancy very much aids in avoiding any setbacks from various issues like failure of the single drive etc. However, just like any other server, it is even possible for a Drobo device to completely fail or even for multiple hard drives to fail completely before any replacement is made. In such circumstances, an efficient Data Recovery Software helps to carry out the data rescue Drobo process with proficiency. We provide exceptional Drobo data recovery service with a high success rate of recovery. The software is simple, easy, and error-free to use. It comes up with various useful features that makes easy for users to recover their lost data in its original form.

Prominent Features of Tool

  • Recover data in its original form
  • Preserves the integrity of data
  • No external application is required
  • 100% safe and secure to use
  • Operable on all Windows OS

Tips for Drobo Data Recovery

  • Shut down your Drobo device as soon as possible to prevent accidental overwriting of data and also to prevent the hardware situation from getting worse in case hardware failure is the reason for data loss
  • Never try to re-build a failed drive (NAS/SAN/RAID) if you are unsure regarding the symptoms
  • Never attempt re-building of a failed drive in case more than one hard drive is showing unresponsive

Wrapping Up

Recovery of data is quiet important to maintain the continuity of work. Similar is the case in the Drobo data loss situation. Therefore, in the above-discussion, we have come up with a precise solution to perform Drobo Data recovery.