How to Delete Emails from Rackspace on Windows & Mac?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Is your Rackspace email account near to full, hence you want to delete Rackspace emails? If yes, then you need to use this mentioned technique. Here, team BitRecover has explained the complete solution to delete emails from Rackspace account.

Therefore, continue read this blog post and get a solution if your Rackspace has near to reached its maximum storage capacity. But now this is not a big issue because BitRecover brought you a solution to erase Rackspace emails permanently.

Why Do Users Delete Rackspace Emails?

I am using Rackspace email service for the past 7 years. Therefore, at the present time, it’s near to reach the maximum quota limit. Actually, Rackspace provided me 25 GB of quota size limit to store emails and other data. I daily receive thousands of messages every day to handle my online business. Now I want to empty some Rackspace quota space but I am not aware of the technique. Please suggest to me a business-oriented professional method to remove unnecessary Rackspace emails permanently.

rackspace near to full

My Rackspace email quota space is near to reaching its maximum storage capacity. After that, I started deleting Rackspace emails but deleted emails were moving into the Trash folder. Therefore, I am unable to delete / remove emails from Rackspace account permanently. For permanent Rackspace email deletion, I need to delete Rackspace email under two folders i.e. First delete from a specific folder and after that delete them from the Trash folder. Is there any quick and perfect solution available in the online market?

Use Rackspace Email Eraser – Free Download Now

BitRecover Email Eraser Wizard is an excellent and powerful solution to delete Rackspace emails permanently without wasting your crucial time. Using this Rackspace Email Remover, you can instantly empty quota space without any hassle. Download this suggested software for Windows and Mac OS accordingly. Let’s know how it works.

Download for Windows  Download for Mac

How to Erase Emails from Rackspace Account?

  1. Firstly, install and run Rackspace Email Eraser on your Windows and Mac Computer.
    rackspace email eraser
  2. Choose Rackspace as an email source, fill account credentials, and hit on the Login button.
    select rackspace
  3. After that, you can see all Rackspace email folders in the software UI. Choose specific folders that you want to erase forever.
    select rackspace folders
  4. The software also allows to use advance settings for selective Rackspace email erasing. It has a separate option to delete Rackspace emails between specific date range, email address, subject, delete Rackspace email attachments having size more than specific MBs, and many more options available.
    filter options
  5. Thereafter, choosing the required filter, click on the Delete button to continue.
    delete rackspace emails
  6. Hit on the Yes button when you receive a warning message i.e., Email messages once deleted cannot be retrieved back. Are you sure you want to continue?
    how to delete emails from rackspace
  7. Now it is deleting emails from Rackspace account, please wait for a few seconds.
    erase emails from rackspace
  8. Lastly, you can see all Rackspace emails are deleted successfully.
    deleting completed

Last Warning with Solution

If you are decided to delete Rackspace emails forever then also think once. If you once deleted Rackspace emails forever then cannot retrieve them back. Therefore, this is advisable to download Rackspace Backup Wizard. The tool can save Rackspace emails into multiple standard email formats, documents format, email clients, and cloud-based email services.

Rackspace Email Remover Wizard Features

Batch Mode: users erase Rackspace emails from multiple accounts at once. Just check the “Use Batch Mode” option, after that software will say to upload a CSV file having credentials of multiple Rackspace accounts. After doing that software will start removing emails from multiple Rackspace accounts.

Filter Options: before erasing emails from Rackspace, the software allows to choose a specific date range to delete Rackspace emails between dates. Users can also enter a specific email address and subject for erasing Rackspace emails.

Handle Large Emails: this application also has a separate option to delete large Rackspace messages. Users can enter a specified size for Rackspace email deletion i.e., it has an isolated option to delete Rackspace email larger than required MBs.

Social Notifications: if you want to delete Rackspace social notifications. Then, check the “Delete Social Notifications Mails” option. Thereafter, continue complete the process for deleting Rackspace social notifications i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Pinterest, Netflix, etc. Even users can add or remove social websites according to their choice.

Unnecessary Folders: before deletion, the software previews all Rackspace folders in the software GUI. From here, users can check or uncheck only required folders for permanently deleting Rackspace emails from specific folders.

Old Emails: as per the demand of users, we have recently added a separate option to erase old Rackspace emails. Check the “Email Older than” option and enter a specific month to remove old Rackspace messages.

How to Delete Multiple Emails in Rackspace – Manual Method

You will need to follow 2 main steps to delete emails from Rackspace account permanently.

Phase 1 – Move Rackspace Emails to Trash

  1. Sign in to the Rackspace webmail account using the credentials.
  2. Choose a Rackspace folder from which you want to delete emails.
  3. After that, check required Rackspace emails from whole emails.
  4. Click on the Delete button to start moving them under the Trash folder.

Phase 2 – Empty Rackspace Trash Folder

  1. Click on the Trash folder of Rackspace.
  2. Select all emails using the Checkbox option.
  3. Click on the Delete button to continue.
  4. Rackspace email erasing process is running.
  5. Rackspace emails were permanently deleted successfully.

Limitations of Manual Method

  • Time-consuming and lengthy process.
  • No filter options to delete Rackspace emails.
  • Need to repeat the same process again and again.
  • Need to choose Rackspace emails one by one.
  • Performs with only one account at a time.


Here, we have discussed complete details to delete Rackspace emails permanently. You can use any of one method for resolving “how to delete multiple emails in Rackspace webmail” related queries. We have provided you dual methods to short out your problem about Rackspace email deletion.