How to Delete Attachment from Zoho Mail without Disturbing Emails?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


User query: I’ve been receiving emails from Zoho Mail saying that I have reached my storage limit repeatedly. I think this is due to the attachments which are attached with emails. Can anyone please suggest me how to delete attachments in Zoho Mail?  Do I seriously have to go through every individual contact? Then, read through every single email sent to find the ones with attachments? I don’t have that much time to follow this process. Please suggest me with the best suited solution for the same.

Are you also looking forward for the solution of How to delete attachment from Zoho Mail? Like above user, there are many who are looking for some professional solution. In this blog, we will discuss about the solution for this issue in the simplest way. By using the Zoho email attachment remover application, users can complete the procedure.

The Zoho Mail account has storage capacity limitations. What will users do when their Zoho mailbox arrives at its limit? To dodge this, deleting attachments from Zoho email account is the most ideal choice. It is very difficult for the user to operate the Zoho mail account when their mailbox is almost full. There are many consequences as well of this scenario. Like user will not be able to receive and send emails to another user. Users cannot operate Zoho Mail at this stage. That’s why users look for how to delete attachments in Zoho Mail.

Delete attachments in Zoho Mail – Effective Solution

Users always want some kind of professional and productive solution for their issue of How to delete attachments in Zoho mail. So, here we are with a professional solution. Email Attachment Remover Tool is the best-suited solution for this problem. It enables users to bulk remove all attachments from Zoho account. Users can also delete attachments from multiple Zoho email accounts at a time. There are multiple features of this application which will help users in this scenario.

The software also has the capability to remove hidden attachments from Zoho email folders. It selectively pulls attachments from an email account using Advance filters. Let’s have a look on specialty of this application in brief.

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Email Attachment Remover Tool – Prime features

Bulk Delete Zoho Email Attachments

This Zoho email attachment remover tool has the ability to delete bulk Zoho email attachments. It can be done in a single round of processing. Once user enters their Zoho login details, the tool will automatically start fetching all attachments. After that it quickly clears the Zoho mailbox.

Remove attachments from selective fields

Zoho Email Attachment Remover software helps users to pull-out attachments and decreasing the size of their email files and making it faster. The tool allows users to remove attachments from selective fields such as To, From, Subject, etc. This software is exactly what user needs.

Preserves the Privacy of Zoho Account

Users don’t need to worry regarding the privacy of their Zoho Mail account. This software is designed with advanced algorithms. And, it precisely protects the privacy of user’s email account by not storing a single bit of information in the software’s database. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the confidentiality of the data.

Detach attachments from Select Zoho Mailbox

This is the best utility for removing attachments from emails. This software can easily fulfill the needs of any user. We have seen multiple times that some users need to remove attachments from selected mailboxes such as Inbox, Sent Items, etc. If you also want to do this, then this Attachment Extractor tool will work for you. It allows users to check only those mailboxes from which they want to remove attachments. This feature is helpful in reducing time and effort.

How to delete attachment from Zoho Mail without any issue?

Following are the steps to accomplish the task:

  1. Install Zoho Email attachment remover tool on PC.
  2. After that, fill Zoho account login details in the field.
  3. Select required mailboxes to remove attachments.
  4. Now, hit on delete tab, and after that click on YES.
  5. The process to remove attachments from Zoho mail begins.

How to delete email attachments from Zoho Mail – Absolute Procedure

Users have to follow these steps wise process to accomplish the task of how to delete attachments in Zoho Mail:

  1. Install the Zoho Email attachment remover software on your system.
    Zoho Email attachment remover software
  2. Then, select ZOHO Mail from the email source.
  3. After that, enter Zoho account login credentials – ID and Password in the respective fields and click on the Login tab.
    Zoho account login credentials
  4. Thereafter, the software will start fetching all mailboxes from the Zoho Mail account.
    start fetching
  5. Now, select the desired email folders for deleting attachments from it.
    desired email folders
  6. Then, users can also enable the use Advance Settings for Selective Erasing using bulk Zoho Email attachment remover application.
    Advance Settings
  7. Finally, users can hit on the Delete tab to start the process of how to delete attachments in Zoho Mail.
    delete attachment from Zoho

Some important queries of users and their solutions

Que 1 – Can I delete attachments from multiple Zoho email accounts at once?

Ans – Yes, it is possible using Batch Mode. With this feature, users can delete all attachments from the email account at the same time.

Que 2 – There are many attachments in one email. Does the tool support in removing all of them?

Ans – Yes, the tool successfully supports to delete multiple attachments from a single message. There is no file size limitation imposed on Zoho Email attachment remover.

Concluding lines

Deleting email attachments from any email account is very tiring task. It also sounds boring when there are huge amounts of mailboxes. Therefore, we suggest users to take the help of the automated software Zoho email attachment remover without any limitations. If users have any doubts, they can use demo version of the application for satisfaction. After that, users can go with the licensed version of the software.

After reading this blog, user will easily solve the issue of How to delete attachments in Zoho Mail.