How To Decrypt Outlook PST File ? – The Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


Encryption can help to muddle readable text into an unreadable format called ciphertext so that it can be read by only the person having secret code or decryption key. On the other hand, if the intended receiver accesses the message, all the data is translated back into the original form. This process is called as Decryption. In MS Outlook, decrypting of emails sounds like a tough task. However, it is a very easy process. The given write-up we will provide an apt technique using which one can decrypt Outlook PST File within minutes. In the below section, we will describe a solution that removes corruption from all Outlook PST emails and decrypt the encrypted .pst file.

In our organization, we highly depend on Outlook for email, calendar, tasks, notes, contacts purposes. Mostly we encrypt all our PST files so as to have data security for sensitive information. I have also encrypted my .pst files but due to some reason now, I want to decrypt Outlook PST file. I have tried manually to decrypt the encrypted .pst file but now my work grinds to a halt. Can someone please suggest me a reliable method using which I can repair my corrupted data again. Please help asap!

-Lucas, California

Like the above-mentioned query, there are thousands of users out there who contact us to recover data from encrypted PST file. So, our technical support team developed an all-in-one product that will resolve all your worries related to the decryption of Outlook emails. The following section describes this decryption process in simple steps.
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How to Decrypt Outlook PST File ?

Follow these steps to remove encryption from PST file:

  • Step1: Run PST Converter on Windows machine.
  • Step2: Select My Outlook Mailbox data option and check on the Use Recovery Mode tab.
  • Step3: Check the PST email preview and choose a desired file saving format.
  • Step4: Enter a destination path and a required file naming option.
  • Step5: Press on the Convert button to decrypt Outlook email messages.

Unable To Open Encrypted Outlook Email – Solve This With Stepwise Procedure

Firstly, download the software and install, run it on any Windows-compatible machine. Read the instructions carefully and click on Next.


Choose files by hitting on the Select Files or Select Folder option to pick single or multiple PST files for conversion.


Click on the Use Recovery Mode tab to start the process for decrypt Outlook PST file.


Now, check the email folders preview before starting the conversion process.


Choose any file saving option from the list of file saving options available in the tool. Here we are illustrating by using MSG saving format.


Now, select a target path for selecting the final data. Choose the desired file naming option to arrange the resultant files.


Click on the Convert button and the software starts the processing with a completion message at the end.


Once you have done the entire steps, the software will automatically open the default location of the saved files.


Prime Advantages Of The Software

Batch conversion feature: The tool offers the option to batch convert the Outlook data for fast processing. This saves valuable time and effort of users.

No need to install Outlook: The software permits to decrypt Outlook PST File without installing MS Outlook on the computer.

Selectively choose PST files: One can decrypt the encrypted .pst file by selectively choosing PST emails from the database.

No file size restrictions: It allows to decrypt Outlook email messages without any file size limitations.

Desired destination path: The utility to read an encrypted Outlook email and save it at a required location.

Convert PST contacts & calendar: With this wizard, the user can perform PST contacts and calendar conversion without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: How do I repair a corrupt Outlook PST File?

Ans: Use this software to decrypt the encrypted .pst file without any difficulties.

Ques2: How do I recover my corrupted Outlook PST files?

Ans: Download PST conversion wizard and Use Recovery Mode option to perform conversion of corrupted Outlook PST data.

Ques3: How do I unencrypt an email in Outlook?

Ans: Just download the above-mentioned software to decrypt email in Outlook.

Ques4: I have thousands of encrypted PST files. Now, I want to decrypt them so as to use the PST data for my work. Does this tool allow this?

Ans: Yes, this data conversion utility can decrypt Outlook PST file.

Ques5: How to open encrypted email in Outlook 2016?

Ans: You can decrypt Outlook emails with this tool and open them in Outlook 2016.

Closing Words

The above blog explains a proper solution for decrypting the encrypted Outlook email. You can also test the tool before purchasing the full pro version of the tool. The demo version of this tool allows converting the first 25 Outlook emails. You can evaluate the tool’s performance with this. Hope you liked this blog and now you can easily decrypt Outlook PST file without ant worries. If you still have any questions in your mind related to decryption .PST file, contact to our technical support team.

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