Data Recovery from Android Phone with Broken Screen

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 13th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Here is the question- Is your Android Cell phone screen cracked and broken & you unable to find an exact way to get back data off the device? No need to worry! This post introduce you, step by step tips about how to restore data from Android Phone with broken screen. Now you can learn the three easy Android broken screen recovery solutions to access and restore your information like- photos, videos, contacts, SMS and all the other files.

Effective solution for how to perform data recovery from Android Phone with Broken Screen-

Actually, last night my Samsung Galaxy J5 screen broke badly after falling from my trousers pocket. But the phone still boots up but it is not displaying anything. I am very disappointed because I have many special friends and family’ images and other crucial files stored on the phone. And I need to copy them from the device. Is there any efficient way that I can use easily to recover data from my phone ?

The screen on an Android phone (Samsung, Micromax, Lenovo, HTC etc.) is its main interface. However, when that Windows shatters, and you know what happened to everything on the other side? Actually your data is not lost, but swiping through break images is ten times harder when your screen is broken.

It is good and thankful, even if your screen is beyond repair, you can still restore all of the files locked away in your Android phones. The solution to do this can change if your

  • Screen is cracked but still responding
  • Totally dead with nothing showing up on the phone screen

Here, some methods are available to recover files, contacts and all the details from Android Phone

Perform Android broken screen data (files, contacts) recovery using Auto play

  • At first connect your Android broken and cracked screen phone to your PC using a micro USB cable.
  • And here you can see an Autoplay popup on your machine once your cell phone is successfully connected and recognized by the computer. Now click on the Open folder to view files option

Then copy and paste all the files and folders which you want to restore from your cell phone internal memory to your PC.

Finish all the above steps carefully and you can successfully restore and transfer your data form Android phone with broken screen to your PC. After you complete the process then you can disconnect your phone and get it repaired. Your data will be safe and secure on your PC.

Above process still going to come in handy here. But if your screen is still usable, this is easy enough.

Start with easiest way to turn on USB debugging. If you are still able use your phone screen, then you can dive into your Developer Options to enable the required setting

If you don’t have Developer option in your phone then

  1. Go to the Setting
  2. Scroll down to About Phone Option and press it
  3. Scroll down to build number option
    Tab your Build number several times until you get a popup message
  4. Go back to your setting and again scroll all the way down
  5. Here you will see Developer Option now available near the bottom of your setting screen’
  6. One of first setting you can toggle in Developer Option is USB debugging. You can switch it on and off with just one click.

Above step works if you can still able to use screen, but if it is not responding to your touches. Don’t worry, you can still use USB OTG to access your phone with the help of second screen.

To do this follow some steps and they are:

  1. Power on your tablet
  2. Connect the USB OTG cable to your machine like you would a charger
  3. Connect the USB mouse to the other end of the cable

If you can see your screen, you will see a cursor that you can move around freely with your mouse. Anything you can do with your fingers and also you can do with a connected mouse. To continue the process again follow above steps.