How to Migrate Cyrus to Dovecot Account?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

In this article, we will discuss a project to migrate Cyrus to Dovecot account quickly & instantly. Use Cyrus to Dovecot Migration software which will convert Cyrus Maildir++ to Dovecot Maildir files.

Fazal Majid, Dubai: Hi, BitRecover Team! We are migrating from Cyrus 2.3.7 to Dovecot 2.2.13. We have ~7000 maildir++ with ~500GB. Our goal is to do the migration without users have notice and with the shortest service downtime. The users use IMAP (with shared folders and ACL), POP3 and sieve filters. As a first choice, we tried Dovecot’s desync tool. The first tests were great, but we are not able to change the Cyrus auth backend for migration. Moreover, this migration seems too slow for us.

As a second try, we tried the cyrus2dovecot migrating Perl scripts (and their derivates) from Wiki2. More or less they work but we found we need more control during the migration. I have Cyrus set up on one server and this is not working. I connect to Cyrus through IMAP and that does nothing I get a response there is nothing coming up in thunderbird. There is no errors in /var/log/message /var/log/maillog.

In Response to FazalQuery: This can be done with the help of Maildir Converter software which enables the users to convert Cyrus Maildir++ files to Dovecot Maildir files. The software will load all the mailbox folders from the source location & then change them to Dovecot supported Maildir files.

Free Download Cyrus to Dovecot Migration Tool

Download for Windows
The trial version of this amazing software will enable the users to export first 25 emails from its each folder. In case if a user wants to unlimited convert Cyrus Mail IMAP to Dovecot account, so it’s important for them to first activate the Cyrus to Dovecot Migration tool. A large number of users wants to migrate Cyrus to Dovecot account & asked about it on various forums & platforms.

How to Migrate Cyrus IMAP to Dovecot Account?

The working of the above-suggested software is very easy & simplified & hence any non-technical user can better understand it just by following these simple steps:

  1. Extract Cyrus Mailboxes as Maildir++ files & store them in a new folder.
  2. Run Cyrus Mailbox Converter software & load Maildir++ files in it.
  3. Choose all Cyrus Mailbox folders according to the requirements.
  4. Choose the Maildir option from the list of 30+ Saving.cyrus to dovecot
  5. The toolkit will ask the users to setup various Maildir++ to Maildir conversion options i.e. Destination Path or File Naming options.cyrus to dovecot migration
  6. Once whole setup process finished completely click on Convertcyrus imap to dovecot
  7. After the conversion process finished access resultant Maildir filesmigrate cyrus to dovecot

As from above, we can easily understand that working this amazing toolkit is very easy & simplified. Any non-technical user can successfully change Maildir++ files to Maildir files which makes migration of Cyrus Mail to Dovecot very easier. In case if you face any problem then our support team will guide you whole 24X7 without any interruptions.

Major Features of Cyrus to Dovecot Migration Tool

The above application is designed with some state-of-the-art features which makes it an amazing choice among the users. Some of them are listed below:

  • Supports batch Cyrus to Dovecot Migration for multiple emails & messages.
  • Enables the users to convert unlimited Cyrus Mailboxes to Dovecot supported files.
  • During the conversion, it will preserve the on-disk System Folder hierarchy.
  • The software is completely standalone to perform its work without requiring any third-party utility installation.
  • It provides 10+ File Naming Conventions to manage Cyrus emails as Date, Subject, From formatting.
  • By default, the software will save resultant files at the Desktop in a folder. But, in case if a user wants to change that path, the software provides an option to do so. Users can also create a New Folder directly through the application panel.
  • The toolkit will support all Cyrus mailboxes obtained from Linux System or Network editions.
  • The software is compatible with Windows 10, Win 8.1, Win 8, Win 7, Win XP, Win Vista for both 32-bit & 64-bit OS editions.

Watch Live Video Tutorial to Get an Idea How this Tool Works

In the above video tutorial, we will learn about how can a user successfully export Cyrus mailboxes to Dovecot account. It’s looking like a perfect solution in the present time to migrate Cyrus IMAP to Dovecot account.

The Verge

As from above, we can easily conclude that this is one of the best solutions available at the present time to migrate Cyrus Mail to Dovecot Maildir files. The software provides a direct option to do so without making any changes in its original content. Users can export the first 25 emails from each folder of Courier Mail to Dovecot free of cost.