How to Convert RPMSG to Word Document? Complete Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: February 20th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

RPMSG files are a file type specific to MS Outlook, generally used for the purpose of securely transmitting sensitive information in the form of email messages. They are encrypted file formats that ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the contained information as they enable the sender to control its access, forwarding, and printing permissions. However, there are many users who want to know how to convert RPMSG to Word document for various subjective reasons.

Therefore, in this blog, we will provide the best solutions to convert RPMSG to Doc file format in an easy and secure way.

Advantages to Export RPMSG File to Word Format

Word is a popular file format supported by MS Word for efficient creation, editing, storage, and sharing of documents for both personal and professional purposes. There are various advantages that form strong reasons for users to convert RPMSG to Word format, let us discuss some of the most common ones.

  • Users might have the need to edit and format the information inside RPMSG files and for that purpose, Word is a better option as users can apply specific formatting as well as include any additional content.
  • Converting the RPMSG file format into Word allows users to get a more standardized and easy to read format for the purpose of documentation and storing its textual content.
  • Professional users may have the need to incorporate the contents inside the emails in order to generate a report or document, thus, it is best to export RPMSG file to Word format.

Convert RPMSG to Word File with Manual Solution

The manual method involves a series of steps, it is recommended to carefully execute them and before proceeding ensure that you have the permissions to decrypt and convert required RPMSG files, let’s start.

  1. Use appropriate credentials to decrypt the RPMSG files and then save their content in plain text or HTML format.
  2. Now, open it with the help of a text editor (for example, Notepad) in order to easily view and edit its content.
  3. In parallel, launch the MS Word application and paste the copied content from the notepad into a new Word file.
  4. Carefully adjust the formatting as per your requirements by fixing line breaks, paragraph structure, adjusting font size and style, etc.
  5. Next, save this document file at the desired location on your system using the “Save As” option.

Drawbacks of Relying on Manual Methods

The manual method has various drawbacks and thus, we don’t recommend users rely on them, let us understand it better with the following mentioned points.

  • Manual formatting of content in the document can lead to various errors while identifying and managing the appropriate structure of the emails.
  • The manual method to convert RPMSG to Word is quite complex and time consuming, leading to increased chances of data loss especially when handling a large number of files.
  • It requires good technical knowledge to complete the process accurately as there are certain elements such as the embedded media and attachments which may not be fully preserved.

Professional Software to Export RPMSG File to Word in Bulk

In the above section, we have discussed the various limitations faced by users while using the manual method, so is there a better solution? Yes, BitRecover MSG to DOC Converter is the expert recommended software for users to safely convert RPMSG to Word file format in bulk.

This tool has the ability to convert your RPMSG files into DOCX with all related attachments without any restriction on file size. Users can take the help of its various Advance Filter options in order to convert only the selected emails while maintaining all of its meta properties.

Quick Steps to Convert RPMSG to Doc Format

  1. Launch the software on your system and click on the “Select Files” or “Select Folders” option to select the required RPMSG files.
    select RPMSG files from system
  2. Now choose the particular RPMSG files from the “Select Folders” menu and then click on “Next”.
    chose required file from folders
  3. Click on the “Select Saving Option” and choose “DOC” file format from the menu list.
    select DOC as saving option
  4. Select the “Destination Path” where you want to save your files and use the appropriate “File Naming Option”.
    select destination path
  5. Next, click on the “Convert” button to start the process and view the resultant files at the selected destination.
    click on Convert

Remarkable Features of the Professional Software

  • The software has the ability to export RPMSG file to Doc with all its related attachments in bulk without any limitation on the size of the files.
  • It provides users with advance filter options to convert only the selected emails while maintaining all its metadata after the conversion process.
  • Users can choose from multiple unique file naming options and save the resultant files on the selected destination path.
  • It has the capability to change ANSI and Unicode Outlook MSG files into Doc format and also generates a log report file with details of the converted files.
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In this article, we have discussed the best solutions to convert RPMSG to Word format, however, the manual method to do that is very complex and involves a high risk of data loss. Therefore, users can take the help of the expert recommended software discussed above to convert RPMSG to Doc on both Windows and Mac OS with complete accuracy and security.