How to Convert PSB to TIFF File? Step by Step Guide

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 4 Min Read

Here we are going to show you how to Convert PSB to TIFF file format using sophisticated and easiest methods. In this post, we will provide complete details about both PSB and TIFF file formats.

We all know, that Adobe Photoshop, which is a professional tool for modifying images, is responsible for creating the picture files known as PSB files. It is a picture that is bigger than 30,000 by 30,000 pixels, which equates to a size of over 2 gigabytes. PSB files are essentially similar to PSD files, with the exception that PSB files include huge graphics. That may cause their file sizes to be much larger.

On the other hand, TIFF stores photos and line art. It was designed as the primary scanned image file format because of the prevalence of scanners. It’s a common format for high-color-depth photos and grayscale.

Reasons for PSB to TIFF Conversion

We will show you why users want to PSB to TIFF file format via user queries and the benefits of using TIFF file.

“Hello there, it is challenging for me to convert PSB files to TIFF format, even though I have a large number of PSB files. I attempted to use Adobe Bridge, but it would not function properly. I mean it doesn’t save PSB files. It works well with PSD, however, because I deal with PSB files, the whole thing is pointless. I am unable to spend time exporting each PSB file individually. Do you have any recommendations for converting PSB files to TIFF in bulk?”

Some of the benefits of using the TIFF file format are mentioned below.

  • TIFF files use a mostly lossless reduction method, they are ideal for high-quality professional photographs because they preserve the original image’s detail and color depth.
  • Because of the great level of information that they contain, TIFF files are perfect for high-resolution scans, such as those used for storing up handcrafted artwork and personal papers.
  • Since the TIFF file format is both ubiquitous and flexible, it is compatible with all of the most popular computer operating systems.
  • The file may function as a container for JPEGs of a more manageable size, allowing for the storage of numerous pictures inside a single master raster graphic.
  • When it comes to storing high-resolution photographs before editing or creating assets, TIFFs are a solid alternative to consider.

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How to Convert PSB to TIFF File Format?

Important Note: you will get multiple manual methods on the internet, but we are not suggesting using them. Because manual methods reduce image quality.

All in one BitRecover PSB File Converter is highly recommended software to convert multiple PSB Files at one time. The software has many advanced features and it creates unique and advanced algorithms which make the software different from other brands’ software. Some of the advanced features and capabilities are mentioned below:

Download for Windows

Sophisticated Features and Capabilities of the Tool

  • The process of converting a PSB file into TIFF format using the software just takes a few minutes.
  • This PSB to TIFF file converter offers a dual option that allows users to import a single or many photoshop PSB files simultaneously.
  • In addition to this, it can convert many PSB files all at once without imposing any size restrictions on the files.
  • The software displays all of the folders and files on the software panel, allowing users to pick the necessary information from among the available options.
  • Users can store the converted file format in any place of their choosing, according to their requirements.
  • The software preserves and maintains all the components without losing image quality including layers, text formatting, colors, header, and other information.

Steps to Convert PSB to TIFF File Format

Important Note: The PSB to TIFF converter allows users to convert only 5 large PSB files with the free demo version. Purchase the licensed version for limitless conversion.

  1. Download and run the software using the download icon.

    software to Convert PSB to TIFF File

  2. Now upload the single and multiple PSB files.

    upload multiple PSB files

  3. After that, select the required files from here.

    select the required files

  4. Next, select “TIFF” from the “Select Saving Option” drop-down.

    Select Saving Option

  5. And then, browse the saving location as per your need.

    browse the saving location

  6. Lastly, hit the “Convert” icon for PSB to TIFF conversion.

    Convert PSB to TIFF File

Time to Say Goodbye

As you can see up above, we covered all the necessary phases and provided a comprehensive tutorial for converting PSB files to TIFF format using one of the most effective software. The software provides a wide variety of cutting-edge features and functionalities. I am aware that the manual way is preferred by a large number of people; nonetheless, the manual method has several drawbacks. I hope that this essay is of some use to you.