How to Convert PDF to MHT in Bulk? Easy Tutorial

Mark Regan
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Unable to find the solution to convert PDF to MHT? Get the top two methods to effortlessly change PDF to MHT.

PDF and MHT are two different file formats that serve distinct purposes and have different characteristics. Before we begin to convert PDF to MHT, let’s discuss a few interesting facts about these formats.

Developed by Adobe, PDF files are widely popular and used by a large number of users around the world. PDF files contain text, fonts, images, and other elements of a document in a fixed layout. These files are easy to share, print, download and open.

MHT files are also known as MHTML or MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate HTML is basically an archive format of a web page that combines HTML codes, images and other elements in a single file. MHT files are mainly used to save web pages to view them offline and share in a single file without taking help of multiple link resources. Keep reading the article to know how to change PDF to MHT.

Reasons to Convert PDF to MHT

Converting PDF files to MHT is beneficial in several scenarios. Here are the top reasons and circumstances when a user what to change PDF to MHT:

  • MHT files are suitable for web integration as they contain HTML format that makes it easy to directly open PDF files through web pages.
  • Just like PDF files, MHT also contains text, images, and other media in a single file while making them suitable for web environments.
  • If users convert PDF to MHT, they can view a web based version of their document in offline mode without having internet access.
  • MHT files are easy to edit and modify through any web development tool. Through this users make quick updates and customization to their content.

Manual Way to Change PDF to MHT One by One

Follow the steps given below if you have just a few PDF files to convert them into PDF. Here we we sue Microsoft Word:

  1. Navigate to your PDF file location and give a right click on that PDF file.
  2. After that, a dialogue box will appear from there you have to select the Open With option.
    select open with to convert PDF to MHT
  3. Once you select Open With multiple you will see multiple app suggestions. Choose Microsoft Word.
    choose MS Word
  4. Microsoft Words show a message, click Ok button to convert PDF to MHT.
    warning message
  5. You can see your PDF file in Word now, go to File tab.
    go to File
  6. You can see your PDF file in Word now, go to File tab.
  7. Click on Save As button and browse the path where you want to save it.
    save PDF as MHT
  8. Finally select Single File Web Page (*.mht; *.mhtml) in the Save as type option.
    change PDF to MHT
  9. Hit on Save. Repeat the steps if you have another PDF file to convert into MHT.

Recommended Solution to Convert PDF to MHT in Bulk

Save your time and effort by changing all the PDF files into MHT format in bulk within seconds. Download BitRecover PDF Cnverter software to ease the conversion process and leave everything on this software.

This PDF top MHT converter offers robust features all a user needs to change PDF to MHT in bulk efficiently. The tool perverts the original layout, text, images, hyperlinks and media of PDF documents during the conversion. Its user-friendly interface supports batch conversion to save time and effort.

Additionally it is also compatible with all the versions of Windows and allows you to convert PDF to MHT for free with a trial version. This PDF to MHT converter is easy to use, look at the steps given below.

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Steps to Use Expert’s Suggested PDF to MHT Converter Software

  1. Download the BitRecover PDF to MHT Converter Software on your Computer, overview the instructions and click Next.
    PDF to MHT converter
  2. Check out dual options to convert PDF to MHT, select file or folder and load PDF files in bulk.
    select file or folder
  3. Preview the folders and subfolders available in your PDF file and check the boxes if you want to convert a specific PDF file to MHT.
    check folders
  4. Head to the saving option and select MHT format from the list of formats to change PDF to MHT.
    convert PDF to MHT
  5. This advanced PDF to MHT converter will automatically select the default path to save converted files, if you want to change it then click the browse button.
    browse path
  6. Once you are done with all the above steps, then click on Convert button.
    change PDF to MHT


We are glad to say that we simplified the process to convert PDF to MHT in a very smooth and easy way. Whether you are having just a few PDF files or in bulk, we gave solutions to both situations. Now feel free to choose the solution that meets your specific need to change PDF to MHT. However, everyone values time and effort, we would suggest to use the given PDF to MHT converter tool specially for businesses and professionals.