How to Convert PDF to ePUB Format? Top Two Ways

Mark Regan
Published: May 28th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Have you ever wished to convert PDF to ePUB format but could not get a reliable way to do that? There are some techniques used by experts to change PDF to ePUB that we have explained one by one. Try the steps and methods provided in the article.

Are you having the PDFs that you are willing to read through an e-reader? Well, PDF files are great for several reasons but when you want to read your PDFs with any e-reader, you first need to change it to ePUB. ePUB is a well known ebook format which is specially designed to enhance reading experiences through various devices.

If you convert PDF to ePUB format, you can enjoy reading the same content of your PDF file using an e-reader and also try the features like font size customization, night modes, etc. Moreover you can enjoy several benefits if you change PDF to ePUB format. Continue reading the article to achieve this task through simple and easy steps.

Best Way to Convert PDF to ePUB Format in Bulk

  1. Install BitRecover PDF to ePUB converter software.
  2. Add PDF files or folders with dual options.
  3. Pick required PDF folders for specific conversion.
  4. Select ePUB format from Saving options.
  5. Browse destination path and Click Convert.

Top Reasons to Change PDF to ePUB

Following the are some of the why a user want to convert PDF to ePUB format:

  • ePUB adjusts PDF texts and allows them to fit any screen size to make them easier to read across various devices.
  • ePUB provides features to customize font size, text, color, background, navigational table on contents, bookmarks and internal links.
  • Usually the ePUB files are smaller than the PDF files, helping to save storage space.
  • Unlike PDF files, ePUB includes different multimedia elements like audio, video, and interactive content.
  • ePUB maintains interactive formatting and layout of the content.

How to Convert PDF to ePUB Format?

Following are the top two ways that helps you to change PDF to ePUB:

  • Using Google DOC
  • Using PDF to ePUB converter software

Change PDF to ePUB Format with Google DOC

  1. First you need to open Google Drive.
  2. Click New> Select File Upload> Choose the PDF File.
  3. Tap the Open button then select an Upload option.
  4. After this click Upload to convert PDF to ePUB format.
  5. Now right click on the added PDF file in Google Drive.
  6. Select Open With > then Choose Google DOC.
  7. Tap on File > Select Download.
  8. Choose ePUB publication (.ePUB).

Challenges with Manual Way:

The first challenge users face in converting PDF to ePUB is, opening the PDF file in Google Doc. However, to do this, you first need to upload the PDF file in Google Drive then open it in Google DOC.

Secondly, users can not convert PDF files to ePUB if it is in bulk. Therefore, it can be a repetitive task for bulk conversion. Moreover, PDF will not remain in its original layout.

Hence, there are several challenges and limitation users will find with the manual method, such as time consumption, repetition, one-by-one conversion, etc.

Best PDF to ePUB Converter Software to Change PDF to ePUB

Download and install BitRecover PDF Converter tool as it offers the best way to convert PDF to ePUB format. This is a safe and secure offline PDF to ePUB converter software that changes formats of multiple PDF documents into ePUB without taking help of any additional app.

The one-stop PDF to ePUB converter software helps you users to convert only the specific PDF file and save them at their desired place. The tool supports bulk conversion and allows to batch convert PDF to ePUB within seconds. So no matter how many PDF files you have, quickly change  them to ePUB with ease, without spending lots of time.

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How to Batch Convert PDF to ePUB Format with Smart Tool?

  1. After downloading the PDF to ePUB converter software, launch it on your computer.
    PDF to ePUB converter software
  2. Add the PDF documents with the help of Select File and Select Folder options.
    select file select folder
  3. Check the boxes and select the PDF folders that you want to convert.
    choose required PDF folders
  4. In the Saving option, you must choose ePUB format to change PDF to ePUB.
    Convert PDF to ePUB
  5. Now it’s time to specify the path where you want to store the PDF after conversion.
    choose path
  6. At the end, just hit the Convert button to complete.
    change PDF to ePUB


No method can be easier to convert PDF to ePUB format than the techniques provided. If you are looking for manual conversion then you can use Google drive. But it need the best way to change PDF to ePUB in bulk which does not take time and effortlessly provides quality result then download the BitRecover PDF to ePUB converter software