How to Convert IncrediMail Backup .ibk files into eM Client ?

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Published: May 13th, 2024 • 6 Min Read


Regardless of whether you love IncrediMail, you might be compelled to change to eM Client one day. Why? Because IncrediMail does not match with certain corporate-level needs. But, that doesn’t mean you have to lose information, isn’t that right? Check out the most automated, quick, and safe method to export all IncrediMail emails into eM Client. IncrediMail to eM Client converter Software filters your HDD for IncrediMail documents and consequently moves all the data to a brand new *.mbox file for eM Client. This is seemingly the most ideal approach to convert IncrediMail backup .ibk files into eM Client.

Why Convert files from IncrediMail to eM Client ?

IncrediMail has consistently been a brilliant option in contrast to customary business-oriented email applications. It highlights vivid themes, innumerable email decoration alternatives, a collection of smiley and other little details that caused it to stand apart from the horde of email exchange products.

This was likewise the primary motivation behind why IncrediMail frequently turned into the primary choice for the innovative kinds and individuals who needed to brighten up their email correspondences and add some splendid tones to each message sent by them.

However, it turned into a critical hindrance to the wide acknowledgment of the program in the professional workplace. The demerit is that IncrediMail lacks in few advanced features that are looked for by business clients and basically didn’t show up systematic enough to be introduced on employees’ workstations. This is the reason numerous enthusiasts of IncrediMail had to relocate to more ordinary solutions, for example, eM Client, which is the standard email application in most companies across the world.

This errand, in any case, can’t be refined utilizing standard applications or inherent utilities because of generous differences in the configurations utilized by the two applications.

How can I Convert IncrediMail Backup .ibk files into eM Client ?

Follow these steps to convert IncrediMail backup .ibk file into eM Client:

  1. Rename the IBK file as .zip and extract all emails from it.
  2. Start IncrediMail Converter and select extracted files.
  3. Choose MBOX as a saving type and enter the destination path.
  4. Start to convert IncrediMail backup .ibk file into eM Client MBOX format.
  5. Launch eM Client and import exported *.mbox files.

More about tool to Convert IncrediMail Backup IBK files to eM Client

IncrediMail to eM Client tool is an advantageous software offering power-packed features for fluent, quick, and effortless conversion of IncrediMail data straightforwardly to eM Client. It’s a top-notch solution that comes with an easy-to-use interface and unrivaled proficiency in extracting information from healthy and damaged IncrediMail *.IML files. Regardless of the amount of IncrediMail backup .ibk files you have: convert IncrediMail to eM Client. All of this is possible due to the automated software which transforms the hard task into a simple process.

Download for Windows

Step-by-Step Method to Convert IncrediMail Backup IBK files into eM Client

In order to convert emails from IncrediMail to eM Client, you will first need to locate your IncrediBackup .ibk file. The naming format of the IBK backup will be like: [Date]-IncrediBackup-[Account_Name].ibk

Now, open the desired IBK files and rename the same as the .ibk (IncrediMail Backup) file to have a .zip file.

With the help of the extract ZIP file option, just extract the emails within the backup ZIP file.

Now, download the IncrediMail IBK to eM Client conversion tool.

Then, hit on ‘Let me select my IncrediMail mailbox data’ and choose Folders… or Files… as per your need.

Thereafter, mark those email folders from which you want to convert data.

After this, select MBOX as a file saving option to import into eM Client.

Now, enter a destination path for saving output and a required file naming option.

Finally, hit on the Next button to start to convert IncrediMail backup IBK files into eM Client.

How to Import IncrediMail Backup IBK Files to eM Client ?

Firstly, open eM Client and hover your mouse to the Menu option.

Here, select File>> Import option.

Then, from the Import box click on Mailboxes (.mbox).

Thereafter, browse the desired IncrediMail backup IBK to MBOX files.

From the Import messages from the MBOX file pop-up box, hit on the ‘Select Folder’ option.

Finally, click on the Finish button to start the process.

The process to convert IncrediMail backup IBK files to eM Client ends here.

Prime Features of Software

It auto-detects IncrediMail backup .ibk files from the default storage location.

The software has the ability to convert IncrediMail emails from inbox, sent items, outlook, etc.

It provides various saving options such as PST, MSG, EML, EMLX, MBOX, PDF, HTML, MHT, etc.

This application maintains the internal folder hierarchy throughout the process.

It also keeps intact the email metadata elements such as Subject, To, From, images, etc.

Users can see the live conversion of IncrediMail backup IBK files to eM Client process.

It is compatible with all versions of Windows OS like Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, etc.

There are no file restrictions to convert IncrediMail backup IBK files to eM Client.

Users can also evaluate the software by its free demo version.

Frequently Asked Queries

I have an IncrediMail backup .ibk file dated (25/12/2015). Now, I need to transfer this .ibk file into my eM Client application. What is the simplest method to implement this conversion as IncrediMail continues to crash and I can no longer use it? How can I convert IncrediMail backup .ibk files into eM Client?

Use the above-recommended solution to convert IncrediMail backup IBK files into eM Client. For this, you will need to convert the data into MBOX format.

Can I perform batch conversion with this software too?

Yes, it allows to batch convert emails from IncrediMail to eM Client.

Does the software is compatible with Windows 8 OS?

Yes, it supports all versions of Windows OS including Windows 8.

Summing up Together

We hope that now you have got a clear idea regarding how to convert IncrediMail backup IBK files into eM Client. It explains a simple solution with assurance of 100% accuracy. Any technical or non-technical user can easily download it on their Windows PC and perform hassle-free conversion.

For any queries, please contact our technical support team.