Methods to Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud Platform Quickly

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 9th, 2024 • 6 Min Read

Summary:- If you are questing for ways to import Gmail contacts to iCloud then, read this writeup. Here, we will discuss the best approaches for importing the Gmail contact list to iCloud and iCloud+ respectively. There are several scenarios where users need to convert the contact data of Gmail to other cloud-based environments such as iCloud. Now, let’s delve into the solution.

Gmail is one of the resilient and most favored choices for professionals to seamlessly share and manage emails. Since there are various instances where users are seeking to convert Gmail contact to iCloud to make the instant availability of files on any device.

Besides this, other reasons for importing the contact to iCloud include data backup and even shifting from the Windows operating system to Mac. Now, let’s discover the solution.

How to Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud Using the Free Solution?

In this section, we will learn about the manual solution to convert Gmail contact to iCloud. Before heading to know the method, users need to understand the file format supported by iCloud. CSV or Common Separated Values is commonly referred to as the standard file format for managing the data of contact name and email address.

Moreover, using the manual solution, users can import the data of Gmail contacts in CSV and Vcard files. Since iCloud is compatible with VCF file format. With this, let’s move ahead to understand the steps of a free solution quickly:-

  1. Open your Gmail account.
    select the grid box
  2. Now, move the cursor to the Grid section > Contacts.
    click on Export
  3. Select the Export option and then, choose vCard from Export as option.
    select vCard and then, export
  4. Now, hit the Export, and finally, users can receive a VCF file of contacts.

However, to import Gmail contacts to iCloud, users need to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  1. Login to the iCloud account.
    choose contacts
  2. Select the Contacts icon from iCloud.
    click on import vCard
  3. Now, click on the Gear symbol and then, select Import vCard.
  4. After browsing the data, users can successfully import the contact list to iCloud.

In a nutshell, implementing the steps of a free solution, users can efficiently access the contact address of their iCloud account. Unfortunately, there are several cases where users have a Gmail CSV file or their accounts get corrupted. Now, let’s discover the solution to this issue.

Method to Convert Gmail CSV Contact to iCloud

Previously, we have highlighted the manual solution where users can import Gmail contacts to iCloud if their Gmail account is in an accessible state. On the other hand, whether your account gets inaccessible or only has a .csv file format. Then, read the below steps to move the CSV file format to VCF format.

  1. Press the Window Key + R Key and insert “Contacts”.
  2. In the Contact window, select Import from ribbons and click on Comma Separated Values or .csv.
  3. Now, browse the CSV file and then, upload.
  4. After importing the file, select an Export option and then, click on vCard.
  5. With this, choose the desired path to save the vCard file.
  6. Lastly, import the vCard file to the iCloud account.

Drawbacks of Using Manual Ways to Convert Gmail Contact to iCloud

  • Complexities and time-consuming are the major challenges users face while exercising the free solution. Besides this, if you have skipped any of these steps then, you might bear the pain of losing the data.
  • Yet another drawback of using the free solution to import Gmail contacts to iCloud includes repetition in the process. In addition, users need to implement the same steps one after another for importing the Gmail contact list.
  • Lastly, the free solution doesn’t provide the privilege for users to sort the data and even create a single VCF file of multiple contacts. Therefore, it is a time-consuming effort for users to manually complete the contact list to the iCloud account.

In addition, these are the major reasons behind not using the free ways to convert Gmail contact to iCloud. With this, let’s uncover the professional solution to quickly access the contact of Gmail account to iCloud.

Expert Method to Import Gmail Contacts to iCloud

After discovering the manual solution and its flaws in converting the Gmail contact to a seamless iCloud account. Here is the professional way to quickly import the data. Use an expert utility named BitRecover CSV to vCard Converter; one of the robust and relentless solutions to easily convert the contacts address book to VCF format. It is a convenient way to export the data of CSV files into a single or multiple vCard.

Interestingly, this software is supported by both Mac and Windows operating machines. Moreover, it offers a simple and intuitive GUI panel to painlessly convert Gmail contact to iCloud. Also, it provides the privilege for users to set the destination of the resulting file. With this, let’s move closely to know how it works.

Guide to Access the Gmail Contact to iCloud

Here, follow the steps to bulk import Gmail contacts to iCloud quickly:-

  1. Run the aforementioned tool on your system.
    click on Select
  2. Click on the “Select” option to add the .csv file.
    move cursor to Save As
  3. Now, select the “Save As” option.
    map the contact list
  4. With this, map the contact field.
    click on Convert
  5. Lastly, hit the Convert.

In just a few steps, users can get the converted VCF file. With this, users can import the resultant VCF file to iCloud easily. Hence, it is considered the secure solution to move the Gmail contacts to iCloud.

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Concluding Words

In this article, we have talked about the two different approaches to import Gmail contacts to iCloud. As the manual solution retains possibilities of error, therefore, it is recommended for the users to opt for the professional utility. In addition, using the aforementioned software, users can efficiently import contact lists to iCloud.