How to Convert Eudora to PDF Format with Attachments ?

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 15th, 2024 • 5 Min Read


If we talk about the data integrity and safety then, PDF format is undoubtedly considered as the best bet. But, do you know that many of the Eudora users wish to convert Eudora to PDF format due to its great portability and for data backup too. In this blog post, we will take you through very simple steps to save Eudora emails as PDF format.

Why Save Eudora Emails as PDF Format ? – Reasons One Must Know

Although Eudora comes with a wide range of useful features but now it’s a discontinued project. There are multiple users who constantly search for a reliable solution to export Eudora emails to PDF. And it’s beneficial too! The reasons to support this statement are given below:

  1. Users can convert Eudora to PDF with attachments to create a backup of Eudora database so that it can be accessed anytime, anywhere.
  2. The PDF apart from being a universal format also comes with great safety and protection facilities. Most of the users look forward to change Eudora emails to PDF so as to secure their emails by applying a password on them.
  3. If you want to exchange multiple Eudora emails with your colleagues, friends, family. Then, it is quite easy and cheapest method to do it with PDF files. You can print Eudora mailboxes to PDF and share it with anyone.

Professional Method to Convert Eudora to PDF Format with Attachments

There are several online solution provided on the internet that could help you to convert Eudora emails to PDF. But, there is a high risk of data loss using such solutions. Also, the manual techniques can’t give you accurate results. This can result that you may end up lose your email database, header details, non-working hyperlinks, images, disruptions in formatting. Most important thing is that there is no guarantee that it will move Eudora emails to PDF with attachments too.

Hence, in order to minimize your worries, we are here with the best solution to convert Eudora to PDF format. Name of the application is BitRecover Eudora Converter. It is an expert tool built with advanced algorithms that can easily save Eudora emails as PDF file with attachments. Also, there is complete integrity of data throughout the process to transfer Eudora emails into PDF. This solution can be used by technical as well as novice without any problems. You can safely convert Eudora mailboxes to PDF format with 100% accuracy.

How to Convert Eudora Emails to PDF Format ? – Complete Description of the Software’s Working

For converting Eudora messages to PDF, one must firstly install the Eudora to PDF converter on their windows machine. After installing the setup of the software, take a note if these steps to convert Eudora to PDF.

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Step 1- Once you start the Eudora to PDF conversion tool, it will automatically load Eudora files from the default storage location.

Note- If you don’t know about the Eudora storage path then for your knowledge it is- C:\Program Files\Qualcomm\Eudora

Otherwise, you can also manually open the Eudora MBX files by clicking on the “Open” option. Now, hit on the Save option to proceed further.

Step 2- Now, the software provides many saving options. Here, choose “Save as PDF” option.


Step 3- Alongside, choose a location to save the Eudora to PDF converted files on your computer.. Also, select a desired file naming option to manage the resultant files.


Step 4- The Eudora to PDF converter starts to save Eudora emails as PDF. The process is running and you can check the live overall progress of the process from the software. Once done, click on OK.


Step 5- Once the process to convert Eudora to PDF ends, go to the destination path to get output PDF files.


Eudora to PDF Converter – Highlights of the Software

  1. The application runs on all Windows Operating Systems to convert Eudora to PDF format.
  2. It automatically opens the Eudora database for its default storage location for Eudora to PDF conversion.
  3. Users can save Eudora emails as PDF data at any location on computer system.
  4. It gives facility to arrange the output emails in PDF format with multiple file naming conventions such as From, Subject, Date.
  5. Free demo version of export Eudora to PDF tool allows to convert top 25 Eudora data items to PDF format.
  6. No external installation of any application is required to convert Eudora to PDF format.
  7. The tool comes with a simple, intuitive interface which makes it easy for any user to use it.
  8. The Eudora to PDF converter maintains the integrity of data throughout the migration process.


In this blog, we have described how to convert Eudora to PDF file with the help of an expert solution. Although Eudora has been out of development but still there people use it as a primary email client. With the manual solutions, it is not possible to batch export Eudora emails to PDF. So, the best and only reliable workaround is to use Eudora to PDF converter. This application can easily batch convert Eudora mailboxes to PDF files with all associated attachments.

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