How to Batch Convert EML to GIF with Image? [Solved]

Rollins Duke   
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

Undoubtedly, there are several file formats, and many of you are aware of some of the most popular file names such as EML, MBOX, MHT, MSG, PST, and more. EML, commonly known as plain text electronic mail, consists of email text, message body, attachment, inline images, links, etc. Since it is compatible with a countable email client or services, therefore, it is typically popular among professionals and businesses.  It enable users to quickly read, import, and access the .eml with different email services and suite applications. 

On the other hand, several users are looking for methods to convert EML to GIF as it enables users to visualize the text in images and limit the source of editing on the file. In this article, we will commence to learn the method so, let’s delve into it. 

Method to Convert EML Files into GIF with Attachments/ Images 

EML is commonly popular as the standardized yet utmost choice for professionals to store the email body. Further, the uniqueness of the .eml file format consists of highly compatible and easy conversion into different file formats for any factor. If you’re seeking to convert EML to GIF or Graphics Interchange Format then, it is not a new practice. Professionals use images, gifs, etc for several reasons. Hence, converting EML file format into GIFS certainly enables users to efficiently use the data in GIF file format.  

For the same, use the BitRecover EML Converter Tool; one of the top-most and expert-recommended practices to convert the .eml file format errorlessly. Further, the uncommon features of this tool include batch conversion with attachments, images, and email messages along with support for different file formats. Besides these intuitive factors, this software helps to preserve the email formatting and maintain the folder hierarchy. 

Now, let’s delve into the steps to convert EML files into GIF while securing the structure of the email and its formatting.  

Steps to Convert EML Files to GIF Format

  1. To begin the process, launch the aforementioned tool in your system. Further, this software is available for both Windows and Mac operating computers. Therefore, users can download them accordingly. 
  2. With this, choose the Select Files options and move the cursor to Next.
    click on Select file
  3. Here in the next window, click on the required checkboxes that need to convert into GIFs and go to Next.
    select the require boxes
  4. Now, select the Select Saving Options and click on GIF file format to convert EML to GIF.
    select the file format i.e. GIF
  5. After implementing these steps, click on Destination Path to browse the location. Further, users can use the filter option to convert the specific duration data > Convert.
    choose the destination
  6.  Once the download is done, it will display a pop-up message of successful conversion of the .eml file.
    successfully convert EML file format

(Pro Tip:- Isn’t it simple and quick to set up for converting .eml files? Certainly, yes. Since the manual methods are unclear and retain complexities while uploading .eml into GIF file format. Therefore, use the professionally suggested tool to convert EML files into GIF, one of the top-notch and effective practices for .eml file conversion.)

Overall, users can use this tailored and robust tool that is specifically designed to convert the .eml file into different files. On the other hand, the free solutions are ambiguous. Therefore, rely on expert methods for more convenience and hassle-free conversion of data. On the other hand, there are several factors due to which users convert the data of .eml files/ folders in GIF file format. Therefore, let’s uncover the reasons and benefits of converting EML files. 

Most Common Reasons to Convert EML to GIF

In this section, we will talk about the prominent reasons to access the .eml file format in GIFs. Speaking about GIFs, widely use file formats regardless of PNG and JPG. In addition, it is a compressed file considerably used for creating simple and subtle images or icons in looping animations. It further allows quick loading of images in respect of slow network connectivity.

With this, let’s head to know the reasons to convert EML files into GIF:-

  • High-Quality Visualization:- Converting EML files to Graphics Interchange Format enables users to visualize the content in high-quality images with animation. In addition, it can significantly elevate the experience of reading or accessing the email message. 
  • No Editing:-  Despite visualization, yet another reason to convert EML to GIF includes finalizing the text while limiting the source of editing. In addition, users can use the last edited text file with anyone, ensuring no sense of manipulation in data.  
  • Creating Presentation:- Since EML contains plain text, therefore, converting it into GIFs brings the text in both static and animated visualization. With this, users can further use them for presentation and visual display effectively. 

The Bottom Line

In summary, we have discussed the reason and one-stop solution to convert EML to GIF. As manual or free solutions are puzzling and complex to understand. Therefore, using the aforementioned tool allows users to quickly and hassle-free conversion of EML file format to GIF without any risk and error. Further, this tool retains a user-centric interface that enables users to convert the .eml file in a few steps. Hence, save your time and effort while using this software.