Method to Batch Convert EML to BMP Quickly [Expert Solution]

Mark Regan
Published: May 10th, 2024 • 5 Min Read

EML or Email Message format is commonly known as the standard file format to store simple or plain text emails. Like other file formats, this compressed file holds information on email messages, hyperlinks,  inline images, email formatting, attachments, etc. Since this file format is supported by different email clients or services such as Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, and more. Therefore, it enables users to use the widespread accessibility of EML file format. 

On the other hand, BMP or Bitmap is a tailored graphic image file format. It is commonly popular to store pixel or lossless quality images. Further, this file format is compatible with independent platforms or applications. 

Therefore, users seek methods to convert EML to BMP as it provides the privilege to the users to preview the email in high-quality standards. Most importantly, converting .eml to .bmp file format enables users to limit any formatting and editing on the email. In this article, we will learn the practices for accessing the EML file format in Bitmap or BMP. 

How to Convert EML File to BMP With Attachments?

Previously, we have talked about the significance of EML file format. It is widely popular among professionals and businesses to store email information with images, attachments, etc. Here, we will discover the expert-suggested method to convert EML to BMP with inline images, text body, and even attachments. 

Speaking about the need to use .bmp file format enables professionals to typically access or scan emails in pixel-based images. Also, it adds convenience for the users to further share, edit, and present the file without reducing the quality. Now, use the professionally-designed BitRecover EML Converter Software; one of the leading and tailored methods for converting the .eml files format in Bitmap. 

The uniqueness of this intuitive tool includes the conversion of email attachments, inline images, header information, and more in bulk. Further, it creates separate folders for email attachments and images. Since users seek to access the EML file format in uncompressed BMP file format. Therefore, the edge-cutting functionalities of this tool enable users to convert EML file to BMP without hampering their formatting. Also, this software further offers an advantage for users to read the EML file format despite BMP file format. 

Learn the Step-by-Step Guidance to Convert EML to BMP 

Here, we will briefly explain the steps of the aforementioned software for previewing EML files in BMP or Bitmap. For the same, users first download the EML to BMP converter online. Now, let’s begin to understand the steps quickly:

  1. Run and Start the downloaded software on your computer.
  2. Click on Select File and press the Next button.
  3. Now, Select the necessary checkboxes >> Next.
  4. Select the BMP file format from Select Saving Options. 
  5. In the same interface, go to the Destination Path to browse the location of the converted file.
  6. Move the Cursor to the Convert Button. 

With this, users can meticulously save the .eml file format in BMP. On the other hand, the scarcity of manual methods, using cost-effective and advanced utility enables users to batch convert EML file to BMP. Further, this tool is compatible with both Mac and Windows computing systems. 

These days, several EML to BMP online converter are frequently emerging and used by many professionals. However, the drawback of using the free convert .eml file format to .bmp includes the risk of data breach practices. Additionally, users need to save the file in a third-party application which creates several possibilities of data theft. 

Besides this, it doesn’t provide an opportunity for users to batch convert the email information in Bitmap file format. Therefore, using the aforementioned tool can prevent users from these risk factors while convert EML to BMP file. 

Advantages of Saving EML file format in Bitmap 

Here, we will uncover the most common factors that bring the need to access EML files to BMP. As Bitmap file format is typically popular for storing lossless quality or pixel-based images. Instead of viewing email in PNG, GIF, and even JPG, the BMP file format enables users to use the file with several independent platforms. Moreover, these are a few reasons behind converting the EML files to uncompressed or graphic image file format i.e. BMP file. 

  • Visualization of Emails

Often users need to present or add email snapshots in the presentation. Therefore, convert EML file to BMP is commonly popular among professionals to insert a static image of email information retaining text headers, inline images, and email formatting. 

  • Email in Printable format 

As the EML file format is typically known as plain text message, therefore, saving it into the BMP file format enables users to print the email information. Additionally, users can use the physical copy of email, attachments, etc in reports and any other documents. 

  • Access Email Information Without Email Client 

The advantage of the Bitmap file format privileges users to reduce their dependence on email clients to access the EML file format. In addition, without the installation of any email service, users can easily read, preview, and present the information of EML files. 

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have discussed the one-stop method to convert EML to BMP file. As the manual approaches are ambiguous, therefore, use the aforementioned professional tool. It is among the most distinguished approaches for saving the .eml file format in a highly compatible BMP file format. Besides this, we have discovered the limitations of using the online EML file to BMP converter. Therefore, users can rely on professional software for batch conversion of .eml file format.